Welcome to Keela Yoga Farm

We are an off-grid permaculture farm with a focus on food forests and growing food. Visit us as a volunteer or student for daily yoga classes, being in nature and community living. Or join one of our eco yoga retreats, permaculture or natural building courses.

Permaculture Internships

Permaculture internships
Help design and build permaculture systems, partake in gardening, managing animals, natural building and food forests.

Eco Yoga Retreat with Permaculture

Eco Yoga Retreat with permaculture
Eco yoga retreats in nature, with permaculture workshops and more. Click here for dates

Food Forest Courses

food forest course
Learn how to design, implement and manage a food forest.

Natural Building Courses

Natural Building Courses
Stone work, wattle and daub, straw bale, clay plaster, earth bags, lots of fun and daily yoga.

Permaculture & Yoga Volunteer programs

permaculture volunteering
Off-grid community living while learning, having fun and working hard

Reforestation Program

Donate towards our carbon offset and reforestation program or join us in January 2020 to help plant.

Latest Blog Posts

Photos from the food forest course

During November 2017 we held our first Food Forest course at Keela Yoga Farm. This month long course was designed to give the students the full experience of how to design and set up a food forest on an off-grid farm. Take a look at what we got up to, and read on to learn more about […]

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Yoga Retreat May 2018

A week of yoga, natural sustainable living, sunshine, sleep, mountain views, meditation, star gazing, hammocks, learning about permaculture and enjoying organic food straight from the earth…

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Photos of the Land in November 2017

Keela Yoga Farm is based on an 18.8 hectare (46 acre) plot of land in Mata Da Rainha in central Portugal. Far from any roads or noise, away from light pollution and surrounded by nature. On our land we plan to create a magical place where people can practice yoga, relax and eat healthy food in […]

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A real salad from the garden

Being creative with salads and using all the edible leaves around, either cultivated or wild ensures we have a delicious varied salad each day and the more types of leaves you use, the more nutrients and minerals you get into you, all of which help your body in different ways. Check out the greens we have […]

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Summer 2017 Volunteering Photographs

We have now been living on the land for 8 months and have come a really long way due to the help of volunteers, we have collated a selection of photos from the summer of 2017 for those of you who dont keep up with what we are doing on facebook

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Food Forest Course Portugal March 2018

Join us at Keela Yoga Farm in March, 2018 or October 2018 for our month long Food forest courses in Portugal. Learn everything you need to know about starting  your very own food forest and off grid farm while experiencing community living on a new permaculture project. Enjoy daily yoga and meditation practice amongst the beautiful Portuguese countryside!

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Natural Building Course August 2017 Portugal

We are exited to be hosting an 8 day Intensive NATURAL BUILDING COURSE from 26th August till 2nd September 2017 with experienced Natural Builder and Teacher ‘Barbara Leite from the local established community Mount of Oaks. We will also provide daily yoga and meditation!

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Weekend Yoga Retreat Portugal

A long weekend yoga retreat of natural sustainable living on 29th September till 2nd October 2017, sunshine, rest, mountain views, starry night skies, organic food straight from the earth, movement, breathing, bare feet, community and magic.

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Video Documentary on Keela Yoga Farm

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Food, Glorious Food!

Starting a permaculture yoga farm from scratch has definitely been a challenge within itself. It’s exciting, exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. There is construction, plumbing, solar generated electrics, gardening, tree planting, water issues and much more that is taken into consideration every single day. We have been lucky enough to have a […]

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Starting a food forest in portugal

With 46 acers of land, multiple fields, daily yoga classes, a community to run and a huge permaculture project, starting a food forest can be very overwhelming. We decided to fence off a smaller area which had three old burnt down pear trees, named it the pear food forest and made it our focus for […]

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Facilities at the yoga farm are improving

Over the past few months, while working on improving our water, solar, camping spots, food forests and vegetable gardens, we now have three choices for showers: A wonderful compost toilet, a yoga room, a chill out mezzanine and 46 acres of land to hang out in. The upgrades continue every day with the help of our amazingly committed volunteers.

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Pioneer Volunteers

Three years ago we planned to give it all up and start a sustainable yoga community in Portugal. We moved onto the land we bought less than two months ago along with 6 pioneer volunteers who offered to come and help us set up, in exchange for food, yoga and meditation.

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Volunteering at Keela Yoga Farm

Although we have only just bought the land officially on the 22nd November 2016, my birthday, we have had friends and family volunteering with us for the past two months to help us start our permaculture and yoga project. Please see some of the work we have been up to on this blog.

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Finding land for Keela Yoga Farm in Portugal

Three years ago, my wife and I decided to leave our  jobs in the city to start a self sustainable community and yoga retreat centre in Portugal. After two years of research and saving, we quit our full time jobs in Singapore and embarked on our life changing journey to find land in Portugal. This blog […]

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Timber Framing Course Portugal

During our volunteering stint in Portugal this year, we have seen many different types of structures and buildings that have been built with natural materials and using various techniques. One technique that has interested me is timber framing. This traditional technique requires skilled builders that use green timber from local fallen trees with no nails, […]

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Foraging for wild greens in Portugal

Ever since reading ‘The Moneyless Man’ that was recommended to me by Kimberly’s brother Darrell, I have wanted to learn more about foraging for food in the forest or roadside. It wasn’t until I was volunteering at the Awakened Life Project in Portugal, where they serve wild greens as the salad at every meal, that […]

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Yoga Yurt Holidays Portugal

After volunteering for the past few months in various parts of Portugal and learning a lot about gardening, community living and most recently meditation, we were looking forward to working with Fiona and Nonu at Yoga Holidays Portugal for a new experience.

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Volunteering at Awakened Life Project Portugal

At the beginning of June we started volunteering at the Awakened Life Project in the mountains of central Portugal. An established sustainable spiritual awakening association with an ever expanding local and global community.

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Vale Da Sarvinda Large Scale Permaculture Portugal

In May 2016 we volunteered at Vale Da Sarvinda Permaculture project near Castelo Branco in central Portugal. We were based inside a national park right on the border with Spain. Here we saw how the permaculture principles can be applied on a very large scale.

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Volunteering at A Quinta in Alentejo

In May 2016 we volunteered at ‘A Quinta’ in Alentejo, south west of Portugal and not too far from the coast. A project with 130 hectares of beautiful land that is being restored through permaculture practices and regenerative agriculture. This farm consists of a small community of residents and volunteers, has many examples of the […]

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Saving an orchard at Osho Gardens in Portugal

Before we buy land of our own to start Keela Yoga Farm we are traveling through Portugal and volunteering for other communities, yoga retreats and families that are having a go at the self-sufficient lifestyle. Our first stop was Osho Gardens in Algarve.

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Food Forestry Course at Terra Alta, Portugal

Whilst staying is Lisbon we visited Terra Alta in Sintra for a weekend course on Food Forests. This is a method of growing food using nature’s way. In nature, forests are made up of hundreds of types of trees, shrubs and plants all growing with and around each other in an ecosystem. The forest is abundant […]

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First month in Portugal

After more than two years of planning to leave our jobs and start a self-sustainable yoga community, we have finally made it to Portugal where we will set up ‘Keela Yoga Farm’.

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Yoga in Angkor Wat Temple

I spent the month of January 2016 teaching Yoga at Angkor Zen Gardens Retreat Centre whilst sitting out the Portuguese winter. In addition to teaching at the retreat centre, I had the opportunity to take groups for extra yoga and meditation to Angkor Wat and other close by temples.

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Healthy Soil for Nutritious Food at Rak Tamachat

During our Permaculture Design course at Rak Tamachat we learnt that, just because food looks beautiful and fresh in the supermarket, doesn’t always mean that it’s full of all the nutrients and minerals that it should have. Food will only be complete with the necessary nutrients and minerals if the soil is organic and contains what […]

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What do we mean by self-sustainable?

Living in cities, I have always tried to be as sustainable as possible. But in reality, most of the products and services we buy have travelled across the world and are made either using fossil fuels or in places that once had ecosystems such as forests and woodland. We want to create a place that […]

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My Last Day at Work

I couldn’t believe it, my last day of teaching these amazing kids had finally come around. The decision to leave teaching to start Keela Yoga Farm was not one that I had taken lightly, and the children that I had had the pleasure of teaching this year made that decision all the more difficult. 

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Detoxing at Orion Healing

As we change our lives from the busy city life in Singapore to a quieter life on Keela Yoga Farm, we decided to go on a full body detox at Orion Healing in Thailand during our six months research trip.

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Why Portugal?

You don’t wake up one day and decide to start a self sustainable yoga retreat and then quit your job when you arrive in the office, at least that isn’t how we did it.

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