Olive Press Fundao / Penamacor / Castelo Branco / Idanha-a-Nova area

List of Olive presses in our area. Between Penamacor, Fundao and Castelo Branco Area, please leave comments about the ones you have used or if you know any others.

To check out info about the process we went through from harvest to oil, click here

The ones we have used:

Proença-a-Velha: 965396289

Here they take only certified organic farms in the morning and anyone in the afternoon. It is best to drive down there and book yours in. If you pay a few EUR to join their association you then get a discount. If you want to have your own olive oil and not mix it with other people you need a minimum amount which i think is 400 kilo. otherwise, you leave yours there and it gets mixed with other people who don’t have enough. It is a small place so you probably will be mixed with other small farms. This is the one we use going forwards.

Bendada, sabugal

Here they put our own olives through the very old fashioned press and we watched it go through the process and drank their wine as we waited. Check out the photos here

Penamacore Industrial zone:

Here you just turn up and give your olives, they test it and then a few weeks later you get oil based on the quality and weight. You get a mix of everyone’s olives and probably your olives are not in the mix. This is a good option if you live near there, can’t be bothered to wait all day for your own oil, have bad quality olives or don’t have many olives. you just drive up dump your olives there and they weigh it instantly.

Places we have not used:

Castelo Branco:

  • Firmina da Conceição Louro Ramos, monforte da beira –  272 924 132 / 966 491 414 Cold pressa and your own olive oil
  • Lagar De Azeite Veríssimos, sobral do campo – 272 437 225

Idanha-a-Nova area:

Monforte da Beira, R. do Terreiro do Paço, 6000-580


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