Life During Lockdown

During the lockdown, we had 5 guests guaranteed with us for 3 months after they were meant to leave and then we enjoyed the farm to ourselves for a while. For those of you that are not following us on social media for our daily updates, here are some photos of all the things we were up to. We are now open for guests and are running permaculture internships.


With all retreats and courses cancelled we have to find other ways to make cash. Homemade Holummi was on the list!
permaculture internship - bee keeping
Our beehive expanded its colony and we caught two swarms for our two empty hives.
Inside the chicken house
Inside the chicken house that we finished during the lockdown
The chicken compost system was finished
We got new pigs 🙂
Huge garlic harvest, including elephant garlic
Regular harvest of food
Lots of fresh vegetables and not so many guests so we started doing some veggie boxes to local farms
A large area planted with three sisters to the left and right. Watermelons in the ditch in the middle with peanuts and sweet potato
Summer seeds planted
Winter grains harvested for seed saving
New gluten-free bread recipe created!
Huge sunflower field planted to collect seeds for sprouting.
Summer afternoons sitting in the shade and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the countryside go by
Summer veg planted out. Here we have a bucket of tomato seedlings, a bucket of homemade compost, a bucket of worm castings and a bucket of egg shells for the tomato plants
We expanded our worm farm systems and started selling worms online by post
We had three rounds of new chicks
We had lots of eggs. I also have been recording research over 4 months on egg-laying chicken nutrition and how to reduce bought feed by converting them onto homegrown feed.
I started selling compost worms online and posting them
This lamb would not take milk from the mum. So Kimberly and I helped it do so for 3 weeks until it started doing it by herself.
On the farm we have 5 types of strawberries and 6 types of raspberries. This summer we started to enjoy the fruits from them all.
processing sheep wool for insulation
We sheared our sheep, cleaned the wool and used it for insulation in our house


Sheep Skin Rugs
My first sheep skin rugs cut into three shapes
permaculture internship fermenting
Growing food is one thing. Here we regularly ferment food and try to eat fermented food every day.
Permaculture Internship - Earthworks
We dug new swales
sheep wool insulation
our homemade Sheep wool being installed in a ceiling
home made Sheep wool for insulation
Sheep wool from 35 sheep straight from the bard ready to be processed.
Yoga classes in the morning for guests that quarantined with us
Planting inside and outside the chicken run
We had new kittens and this one loves the sheepskin rug
Flowers came, flowers went 🙂

Thank you for following us. If you would like to visit us you may join us on one of our start dates. These start dates are every three weeks. Take a look at our permaculture internships page.

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