Useful shops in Fundao portugal for farm life

This page list some useful shops people living near Keela Permaculture Farm in the Fundao area


For irrigation suppliers, water pumps, swimming pools and tanks.

  1. in Castelo Branco. they have more selection and better prices than anywhere in Fundao
  2. If you can’t get to Regar Centro and don’t mind paying more, you can go to in the fundao industrial zone or in Fundao
  3. If you live near Keela, you can go to Feliciano to buy tools and irrigation supplies or get your stuff fixed. Support a local shop. Say you were sent my laurence

Fence Posts

  1. in Fundao is where you buy all your metal. They have fencing and also posts. . Say you were sent my laurence
  2. is a wholesale place for fence posts so it should be the cheapest
  3. For recycled telegraph poles go here 
  4. If you’re not in a hurry and want quality and a bit cheaper and locally supported, you can order it at Feliciano. Say you were sent my laurence

Soil test

Escola superior agrária de Castelo branco

Agriculture bits

Eco Campo (Ljoa 2 in Fundao). You can also buy organic seeds here.

Building, plumbing bits, Bathrooms and Tiles

Fundao –Lambelho & Filho Lda

Depending on what you want, ask in the comments and ill tell you where to get it

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