Yoga and Permaculture immersion retreat

26th May -2nd June 2024, Keela Permaculture Farm in central Portugal.

Yoga Immersion in Nature

In 2024, we are excited to combine our  retreat hosts into a Yoga immersion. A fully authentic experience with two yoga teacher trainers and a certified permaculture educator to introduce you to Permaculture. Sudhir Rishi will join us from Sthira Yoga, India, and Anya from Yoga in English from Berlin. 

Yoga and Permaculture in Central Portugal

Enjoy one week of deepening your knowledge of yoga asana and philosophy, as well as having the opportunity to join homesteading, gardening and permaculture workshops. This special retreat is held at Keela Yoga Farm in Central Portugal where the only sound you can hear is nature. 

Yoga and permaculture in central portugal

What is included in this Immersion?

Wake-up tea with fresh herbs from the garden

Asana and meditation classes, Satsangs, and Pranayama workshops

Permaculture and Homesteading workshops

18 hectares (52 acres) of land to enjoy many kilometres away from cities and towns, nestled in nature

Fresh, vegetarian, organic meals with home-grown and locally sourced produce

Plant a tree to offset your carbon for your travels

Free time for relaxing, reading, sunbathing, hammock time and exploring the local area

Experience off grid, sustainable living in nature

Trip to a local site (at extra cost)

Massage and reflexology sessions are available on-site (at extra cost)

Your yoga immersion teachers

Director of Teacher Trainings at Sthira Yoga

Sudhir will be taking you through Meditations, Pranayama and yoga philosophy through satsangs.

Sudhir Rishi is the Director of Teacher Trainings at Sthira Yoga in India. He has been involved in the fields of yoga, meditation, philosophy and Ayurveda for the past 25 years. He lived as a monk for eight years, dedicating himself to intense meditation practices. In the last 9 years, he taught in more than 100 groups of TTC 200 and 30 groups of TTC 300 in addition to pranayama & meditation courses, workshops and silent retreats in India and Europe. He is a ERYT-500 with more than 30,000 hours of teaching experience.

This is Sudhir’s third teaching at Keela. The team at Keela met him in 2016 at their yoga teacher training at Samporna Yoga in India, where he was teaching yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation. 



Yoga Teacher Trainer from Yoga in English Berlin

Anya will be leading your Asana classes and some meditation and pranayama

Anya is a senior teacher with 20 years’ experience of teaching and practice. She runs regular teacher trainings as well as several courses that stay true to the whole path of Yoga, remaining rooted in its rich philosophy throughout movement, breath and meditation practices.  Outside of retreat and teacher training season she runs Yoga courses and classes at ‘Yoga in English’ in Berlin, Germany.

Anya has visited and run retreats at Keela every year since 2017. The Keela team first met her in 2013 during a retreat that Anya was running in Indonesia and remained friends since.

Yoga Teacher, homesteader and co-founder of Keela

Kimberly will take some asana classes and teach a homesteading class such as food fermentation.

Kimberly will lead homesteading workshops such as food fermentation. Kimberly Manchee is the co-founder of Keela Yoga Farm. She has been teaching yoga for 10 years and is an experienced primary school teacher. She manages and coordinates all things food related on the farm ensuring garden to kitchen connection so that fresh produce reaches the table on a daily basis  Kimberly is the resident yoga teacher at Keela delivering classes to the local community. Visit her profile here

Laurence Manchee

Permaculture teacher, homesteader and co-founder of Keela

Laurence will be your teacher for gardening and permaculture related activities. Laurence is the Co-founder of Keela Yoga Farm. He is certified by the Permaculture Association to teach certified PDCs. He is a regular speaker at local agriculture events and podcasts, and is an author in Permaculture Magazine. Laurence leads Permaculture Design , Agroforestry and Natural Building Courses on the farm. He completed his Yoga TTC with Sudhir Rishi in 2014.

Deepen your yoga knowledge

Yoga Immersion

  • This is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient Philosophy of Yoga which helps and develops your knowledge to understand yourself.
  • Improve your asana practice and alignment from two experienced teachers, allowing yourself to nurture your body and mind in an atmosphere of safety and comfort
  • This retreat is suitable for all levels of practice and knowledge

What to expect?

A Picture paints a thousand words

  • If you have facebook you can check out the photos from our retreat at Keela with Sudhir in 2022 and also in 2019 by clicking on the dates
  • You can also watch the video from the retreat back in 2017 (before we had all our buildings)
  • Daily workshops and classes (all optional)
  • You will deepen your yoga practice with daily asana classes with Anya, workshops and yogic philosophy satsangs with Sudhir Rishi.
  • You will enjoy and experience off-grid living, living by the rhythms of nature with our electricity generated from the sun, water from a spring, and eating seasonal fresh food from the gardens. We have compost toilets that contribute to our healthy gardens and showers surrounded by plants with hot water powered by the sun or firewood.
  • Get involved with workshops on gardening, permaculture and homesteading and take some sustainable living tips back home with you.
  • There will be one free silent day in the middle of the week to recover, relax or explore
  • Hang out with our many farm animals and enjoy eggs straight from our chickens
  • This is an organic farm so everything will be organic from the food you eat to the floor cleaner and feed for our chickens.
  • You will leave refreshed with new knowledge, experiences and friends

Taken from google reviews

What past guests say:

A Picture paints a thousand words

  • If you have facebook you can check out the photos from our retreat at Keela with Sudhir in 2022 and also in 2019 by clicking on the dates
  • You can also watch the video from the retreat back in 2017 (before we had all our buildings)


  • Super early bird price* €490 (book by 31st December 2023) + accommodation
  • Early bird base price* €540 (booking by 31st January 2024) + accommodation
  • *Early Bird discount applies based on the date the deposit is received.
  • Regular base price €590 + accommodation costs
  • Discount for locals and past guests who are able to also help the hosts for 2 hours per day
  • The price includes 3 organic vegan meals per day, all the classes including yoga, meditation, satsangs and permaculture workshops.

Booking and Cancelation Policy

* To hold your place: a 100 Euro non-refundable deposit is due. The full balance is due by 6 weeks before the retreat start date


  • * Up to 6 weeks before: your deposit may be moved to another retreat
  • Within 6 weeks before: Retreat fee is retained; no refunds or date changes are possible

Accommodation Options

  • Your tent or caravan (free)
  • Rent one of our caravans: EUR 150 EUR (all bedding provided)
  • Tipi or Tent EUR 100 per person (all bedding provided)
  • Click here for more information on accommodation
  • Prices include mattresses and all bedding.

Secure your place with a deposit now


  • Please book the retreat below by selecting the deposit and your accommodation. The deposit is paid now and the rest will be paid 1 month before the retreat.
  • Arrival is 5pm on 26th May 2024
  • Departure is 11am on 2nd June 2024
  • Fly to Lisbon or Porto then take a train or bus to Fundao (we will send you instructions)


Ticket Price Quantity
NB 2024 Deposit €100.00 Sold out
Caravan €150.00 Sold out
Tent or Tipi €100.00 Sold out
Bring your own tent €0.00 Sold out
Bring your own caravan €0.00 Sold out
Tree to offset your carbon footprint €20.00 Sold out
Summer PDC Deposit €100.00 Sold out

Please let us know of any food restrictions or allergies that you have

What do you want to get out of this experience?

How did you hear about us

Permaculture and Yoga Courses in Portugal

Future courses at keela

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Useful shops in Fundao portugal for farm life


For irrigation suppliers, water pumps, swimming pools and tanks.

  1. in Castelo Branco. they have more selection and better prices than anywhere in Fundao
  2. If you can’t get to Regar Centro and don’t mind paying more, you can go to in the fundao industrial zone or in Fundao
  3. If you live near Keela, you can go to Feliciano to buy tools and irrigation supplies or get your stuff fixed. Support a local shop. Say you were sent my laurence

Fence Posts

  1. in Fundao is where you buy all your metal. They have fencing and also posts. . Say you were sent my laurence
  2. is a wholesale place for fence posts so it should be the cheapest
  3. For recycled telegraph poles go here 
  4. If you’re not in a hurry and want quality and a bit cheaper and locally supported, you can order it at Feliciano. Say you were sent my laurence

Soil test

Escola superior agrária de Castelo branco

Agriculture bits

Eco Campo (Ljoa 2 in Fundao). You can also buy organic seeds here.

Building, plumbing bits, Bathrooms and Tiles

Fundao –Lambelho & Filho Lda

Depending on what you want, ask in the comments and ill tell you where to get it

Shop at Keela Yoga Farm

Please visit our in-house and online shop at Keela to support our small farm. As a Permaculture Farm, first and foremost we are producers. One important part of being a permaculture farm is to produce more and consume less.

Summer veggies include eggplants, corn, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, green beans, potatoes, onions and more. 20 eur box has more variety than 10 eur box

To our local community, we sell the following

  • Compost worms
  • Veg boxes – Collection on Fridays at 6pm at Mata Da Rainha Cafe.
    • We sell €10 and €20 veggie boxes. All are certified organic and at a flat rate of €2 per kilo.  
    • Fresh and dried herbs
  • Certified Organic Sheep and Lambs
  • Certified Organic chickens and eggs
  • Trees for your food forest
  • Organic homemade soap
  • Keela branded water bottles
  • Donations for our reforestation program

Contact us or click on the link above for more information

Photos from Permaculture Design Course Sept 2022

Photos from our September 2022 certified two-week Permaculture Design Course.

  • Week 1 had two theory classes per day and two practical classes per day.
  • On the weekend, students had the opportunity to visit another local farm for a work exchange.
  • On week two, students were split into design groups; each had to complete a permaculture design with implication steps. During the week were two theory classes per day to help them with their project.
  • We finished the week with group presentations and a pizza party

Join us for our future Permaculture Design Courses

more “Photos from Permaculture Design Course Sept 2022”

Photos from Oct 2022 Natural Building Course

Photos from our 5-day natural building course in October 2022. Students got to experiment with various Natural Building methods, including wattle and daub, earth bricks, earthbags, cordwood, cob, earth plaster, lime plaster and straw bale. Please take a look at the photos below from the five-day course.

You can also check our video from our 2-week course or join us for a future course.

more “Photos from Oct 2022 Natural Building Course”

Planting trees in the summer

Planting trees in the summer is never ideal but sometimes we just need or want to do it. Ideally, we plant trees bare-rooted trees in Automne (or spring for more frost-sensitive trees). However, we have moved big olive trees and planted potted trees in the summer and this week we planted 21 and this is how we do it.

more “Planting trees in the summer”

Permaculture Diploma Portugal

If you would like to start or continue your Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the Permaculture Association you may do this at Keela Yoga Farm. We have opportunities as Teaching apprenticeships, teaching assistants and design work experience at our Permaculture Farm with Tom Henfrey, the only official registered Diploma teacher in Portugal.

Permaculture Diploma Portugal
A class with Tom Henfrey at Keela Yoga Farms’s PDC in March 2022

Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

Tom Henfrey is a Permaculture Diploma tutor based in Portugal. He co-teaches the Permaculture Design Courses at Keela Yoga Farm. Tom can assist you as your diploma teacher or help you with your continued learning and experience as a Teaching Apprentice in our Permaculture courses.
For more information on the Diploma check out the Permaculture Association Website

Registering Sheep in Portugal

We have been through the process to get a licence for sheep and register sheep in our area of Fundao in Portugal and should apply to any area in Portugal I thought I would type up the information to share as it was quite confusing for us and would like to make it easier for you.

more “Registering Sheep in Portugal”