Yoga Immersion with Sudhir and Anya plus Intro to Permaculture

26th May -2nd June 2024, Keela Permaculture Farm in central Portugal.

Yoga Immersion in Nature

In 2024, we are excited to combine our  retreat hosts into a Yoga immersion. A fully authentic experience with two yoga teacher trainers and a certified permaculture educator to introduce you to Permaculture. Sudhir Rishi will join us from Sthira Yoga, India, and Anya from Yoga in English from Berlin. 

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How much work is it to manage an Agroforest

The easiest part of managing an agroforestry is raising the funds to plant it and then planting it. The real work comes later, with maintenance year after year. This article discusses the maintenance we must do each autumn in our organic agroforest in Portugal.

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Shop at Keela Yoga Farm

Please visit our in-house and online shop at Keela to support our small farm. As a Permaculture Farm, first and foremost we are producers. One important part of being a permaculture farm is to produce more and consume less.

Summer veggies include eggplants, corn, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, green beans, potatoes, onions and more. 20 eur box has more variety than 10 eur box

To our local community, we sell the following

  • Compost worms
  • Veg boxes – Collection on Fridays at 6pm at Mata Da Rainha Cafe.
    • We sell €10 and €20 veggie boxes. All are certified organic and at a flat rate of €2 per kilo.  
    • Fresh and dried herbs
  • Certified Organic Sheep and Lambs
  • Certified Organic chickens and eggs
  • Trees for your food forest
  • Organic homemade soap
  • Keela branded water bottles
  • Donations for our reforestation program

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Photos from Permaculture Design Course Sept 2022

Photos from our September 2022 certified two-week Permaculture Design Course.

  • Week 1 had two theory classes per day and two practical classes per day.
  • On the weekend, students had the opportunity to visit another local farm for a work exchange.
  • On week two, students were split into design groups; each had to complete a permaculture design with implication steps. During the week were two theory classes per day to help them with their project.
  • We finished the week with group presentations and a pizza party

Join us for our future Permaculture Design Courses

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Photos from Oct 2022 Natural Building Course

Photos from our 5-day natural building course in October 2022. Students got to experiment with various Natural Building methods, including wattle and daub, earth bricks, earthbags, cordwood, cob, earth plaster, lime plaster and straw bale. Please take a look at the photos below from the five-day course.

You can also check our video from our 2-week course or join us for a future course.

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Planting trees in the summer

Planting trees in the summer is never ideal but sometimes we just need or want to do it. Ideally, we plant trees bare-rooted trees in Automne (or spring for more frost-sensitive trees). However, we have moved big olive trees and planted potted trees in the summer and this week we planted 21 and this is how we do it.

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Permaculture Diploma Portugal

If you would like to start or continue your Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the Permaculture Association you may do this at Keela Yoga Farm. We have opportunities as Teaching apprenticeships, teaching assistants and design work experience at our Permaculture Farm with Tom Henfrey, the only official registered Diploma teacher in Portugal.

Permaculture Diploma Portugal
A class with Tom Henfrey at Keela Yoga Farms’s PDC in March 2022

Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

Tom Henfrey is a Permaculture Diploma tutor based in Portugal. He co-teaches the Permaculture Design Courses at Keela Yoga Farm. Tom can assist you as your diploma teacher or help you with your continued learning and experience as a Teaching Apprentice in our Permaculture courses.
For more information on the Diploma check out the Permaculture Association Website

Registering Sheep in Portugal

We have been through the process to get a licence for sheep and register sheep in our area of Fundao in Portugal and should apply to any area in Portugal I thought I would type up the information to share as it was quite confusing for us and would like to make it easier for you.

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