Natural Building Courses with Yoga, Portugal

Join us in 2022 for a 2-week Natural Building course or join the full six-week Natural Building internship to experience and learn about all aspects of sustainable building with natural materials. We will be building an extension to our straw bale community house with cordwood, earthbags, natural stone and wattle & daub.

2022 Natural Building Course dates

Straw Bale House
The straw bale community house at Keela Yoga Farm. This was completed in Sept 2019 and is used as a space for visitors to cook, eat, hang out and learn. Click for more info on this build

What is included on the course and on the internship

  • Tour of our permaculture farm and natural buildings
  • Three Yoga classes per week
  • Three healthy meals per day, most of the produce coming from the farm
  • Working on real-life projects using most of the natural building techniques from straw bales to cordwood
  • Free camping (or option to hire a caravan, tipi or tent)

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Straw Bale course portugal
Our first building: a straw bale house which Laurence and Kimberly live in. Completed in March 2019

Facilitator: Laurence Manchee

Since starting Keela Yoga Farm and with the help of volunteers, the local community and course participants, Laurence has completed a straw bale house which he now lives in, the straw bale community house, a wattle and daub chicken house, a long drop compost toilet using stone and wattle and daub, a straw bale greenhouse and a cordwood & wattle and daub barn. Each time he builds he manages to decrease the carbon footprint of the build, use more natural materials which inturn brings the cost down of the building. A truly sustainable building would use all local natural and recycled materials at zero cost.

Laurence is also on the Board for WWOOF Portugal, a writer for Permaculture Magazine UK and mages an agroforestry and reforestation program. He has been managed over 400 volunteers at Keela Yoga Farm and also runs Permaculture internships and Food Forest courses.

Wattle and Daub Chicken House
Wattle and daub chicken house in construction all materials used from our land. Finished in February 2020

2-week Natural Building Course

2 weeks schedule

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2 Morning: Tour of completed Strawbale, Cordwood, Earthbag and stone buildings for practice examples and theory on sustainable design.
Day 2: Afternoon: Sustainable design and natural building theory
Day 3: Natural Stonewall & Earth Bags
Day 4: Wattle & Daub theory and practical
Day 5: Cordwood  theory and practical
Day 6: Day off
Day 7: Day off
Day 8 Straw Bale  theory and practical
Day 9: Natural building practice
Day 10: Natural building practice
Day 11: Clay Plastering
Day 12: lime Plastering

Daily weekday Schedule

  • 8am Yoga (3 days per week
  • 9am Breakfast
  • 10am – 1pm Course
  • 1pm lunch
  • 1pm – 5 Course
  • 7pm Dinner
Stuffing the cordwood wall with some homemade sheep wool insulation from our sheep in the livestock Barn. Completed in 2021

Natural Building Internship

We will be building the walls of a yoga studio during this month using straw bales, cordwood, wattle and daub and natural plaster. You can experience different techniques of natural building in reality

Dates 17th May 2022 Click here to book the natural building internship


Costs include all meals and classes and camping. You may also hire a caravan, tent and bedding at a small extra cost.

  • 1-month natural building internship (not including natural building course) €300 book
  • 2-week Natural Building course €500
  • Accommodation
  • Includes bedding
  • Tent: €50 (per person)
  • Tipi: €75 (Per person)
  • Caravan/Sheppard’s Hut: €150 (per caravan, max 2 people)
Long Drop Compost Toilet
Our long drop vermiculture dry compost toilet. featuring natural stone, recycled materials and wattle and daub. Completed in Sept 2019


Straw Bale Greenhouse
Strawbale greenhouse – completed 2021. The plan is to incorporate a shower in here for the winter with tropical plants
Cordwood kitchen island in the big straw bale house

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