Natural Building Courses with Yoga, Portugal

Join us in 2021 for our 8 day Natural Building course and learn about all aspects of sustainable building with natural materials.

  • Date to be announced soon

Cost: tbc

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Straw Bale House
The straw bale community house during building. This was completed in Sept 2019 and is used as a space for visitors to cook, eat, hang out and learn.

What is included:

  • Tour of our permaculture farm and natural buildings
  • Daily Yoga classes and meditation
  • Three healthy meals per day, most of produce coming from the farm
  • Working on real-life projects using most of the natural building techniques from straw bales to cordwood
  • Free camping (or option to hire a caravan, tipi or tent)

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Straw Bale course portugal
Our first building: a straw bale house which Laurence and Kimberly live in. Completed in March 2019

Facilitator: Laurence Manchee

Since starting Keela Yoga Farm and with the help of volunteers, the local community and course participants Laurence has completed a straw bale house which he now lives in, the straw bale community house, a wattle and daub chicken house, a long drop compost toilet using stone and wattle and daub and a straw bale greenhouse. Laurence has been managed over 300 volunteers at Keela Yoga Farm and also runs Permaculture Food Forest courses.

Wattle and Daub Chicken House
Wattle and daub chicken house in construction all materials used from our land. Finished in February 2020

What will you learn and work on

  • Firstly you will learn by doing. You will have short theory classes and long days of natural building. It will be fun, practical and sustainable.
  • Natural buildings should make use of local resources and be built in a way that fixes carbon, requires less energy to heat and cool and recycles rainwater and greywater. They should also be fun to build!
  • During the 10 week internship we will do the following:
    1. Build a straw bale room under an existing roof to be a classroom and winter yoga room, this includes:
      • Making a wall foundation with stone or earthbags
      • Making wooden frames to hold the walls, windows and doors
      • Cutting, stacking and tieing the bales in place
      • Plastering the straw bale walls with clay from our land
      • Plaster the outer with walls with clay and lime for a protected finish
      • Make and install windows and doors
      • Incorporate bottles, cordwood and cob into the walls for decoration
      • Incorporate a rocket stove thermal bench heater into the room
    2. Work on finishes and maintenance on other buildings including:
      • Long drop compost vermiculture toilet
      • Strawbale community house
      • Wattle and daub chicken house in the chicken food forest
    3. Start a new build for housing the sheep
      • Learn how to draw and design a new structure with to-scale drawings
      • Create a foundation with drainage
      • Run water and electricity to the house
      • Build a timber frame for the roof using roundwood from trees that we will harvest
      • Install a roof
      • Rainwater catchment
    4. Theory and tours
      1. Theory classes will be given throughout the 10 week period
      2. Tours of existing buildings and the farm will be given on every start date

All of these items will be covered in the 10-week internship depending on time. We may do more items or fewer items depending on the number of people that join and the speed in which we get it done. The priority will always be given to finishing the straw bale room.

If you join for less than the full 10 weeks you will still get the full tour of all the work and much of the theory. But you will not get to work on all of the items above.

Long Drop Compost Toilet
  Our long drop vermiculture dry compost toilet. featuring natural stone, recycled materials and wattle and daub. Completed in Sept 2019


Straw Bale Greenhouse
Strawbale greenhouse – yet to be completed. The plan is to incorporate a shower in here for the winter with tropical plants
Cordwood kitchen island in the big strawbale house

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