Introducing Beyonce – Our Pet Cockerel

There are three types of chickens, chickens for eggs, chickens for meat and then there is Beyonce ‘The Gentleman Cockerel’.

He has survived three massacres of our chickens by dogs, he is our ‘survivor’.

Beyonce making sure the lassies get to eat first!

The Gentleman Cockerel

  • He only eats after the hens have started eating
  • He rounds the hens up to keep them near to him, especially when it’s time to go back into the chicken house in the evening
  • He breaks up fights between our hens and new the hens that we introduce
  • He stops the other hens taking the water and food we give to a brooding hen that is sitting on eggs (keeping them warm for them to hatch)

Other chicken facts

  • Chickens lay eggs most days, even if they are fertilised or not
  • Eggs are fertilised before they have been laid (the hen mates with the cockerel first)
  • Eggs will only produce chicks if a hen sits on the eggs for a month
  • Hens only sit on eggs when they are broody
  • Chickens either don’t lay eggs in the winter or lay less eggs in the winter depending on the breed. This is due to the cold temperatures in this season

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