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Permaculture Design Certificate Portugal

Welcome to the Permaculture Design Course in Portugal, offered by Keela Permaculture Farm! Our course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of permaculture principles and practices, and empower you to create sustainable, regenerative systems in your own life and community.

Permaculture Design Course Portugal

We will cover the standard 72-hour PDC syllabus emphasising integrated permaculture systems, practical work and permaculture design. You will experience living off-grid in a community setting, connect with nature, and enjoy healthy organic food and yoga classes. On completion of the course, you will receive a PDC certificate from the Permaculture Association UK.

You will see a working permaculture farm with food forests, agroforests, various Natural Buildings, many working examples of permaculture systems, and animal husbandry and enjoy yoga and meditation classes.

Permaculture Design Course Portugal

What is included in this Permaculture Design Course?

The standard 72-hour PDC syllabus and certified PDC certificate

Two theory classes every day

Two practical sessions every day

Homesteading workshops

Offgrid living workshops

An event with the local community, eco markets or a workday on a local farm

3 healthy organic meals per day – a chef cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner for you.

At least three yoga classes per week, plus meditation classes

Permaculture Design Course Dates

All our PDCs are followed by a one week specialist course. Either Advanced Permaculture Design, food forest course or a natural building course. Join the PDC, Food Forest or Natural Building course alone or stay for both.

The PDC courses are €950. And the specalçist courses are €500. Join both and get €150 discount.  Further discounts available for part volunteering. You will also enjoy three days of relaxing on the farm between courses if you join both. For full pricing info please select your dates on the booking form page.

15th-28th September 2023 followed by optional Food Forest course

Janurary 2025 PDC

14-27th April 2024 - followed by a practical permaculture course

Spring 2025 PDC

16th-29th June 2024 – followed by a practical permaculture course and then a Natural Building Course

This course is certified by the Permaculture Association UK

Video from our Summer 2023 PDC

Permaculture Design Course Portugal

Your Permaculture Design Course hosts and Teachers

Laurence Manchee

PDC Lead Teacher

Co-founder of Keela Yoga Farm. Laurence is certified by the Permaculture Association to teach certified PDCs. He is on the board of the WOOF Portugal Association, an author in Permaculture Magazine and leads Agroforestry, Permaculture Design and Natural Building Courses.

Tom Henfrey

Certified PDC Tutor

Tom is a co-teacher at Keela Yoga Farm’s Permaculture Design Courses. He is the only certified Permaculture Diploma tutor in Portugal. He is an author of various permaculture and ecology books and has 20 years of experience in Permaculture and Ecology. Tom co-leads the Diploma course at Keela Yoga Farm and guest teaches at some of our PDC courses. Visit his profile

Yoga Teacher

Kimberly Manchee is the co-founder of Keela Yoga Farm. She is the farm and kitchen manager and resident Yoga teacher. Kimberly teaches workshops on food fermentation and preserving, connects the garden to the kitchen and teaches yoga classes as well as social permaculture. Visit her profile here

Jonathan Ives


Jonathan has lived in Portugal for nearly 2 years. He has worked in the forest industry at all levels for 30 years. Jonathan is especially interested in sustainable forest management and rewilding projects.

Interns & Volunteers & Staff

Keela Permaculture Farm Interns & Volunteers & Staff

  • Three Keela Interns will also assist with running the course. Interns usually are past guests of Keela Yoga Farm and would like to progress into either becoming a Permaculture teacher, staff member or opening their permaculture farm or homestead.
  • Four volunteers will also assist with the farm work, cooking, hosting and cleaning. 
  • A professional chef will cook your meals
permaculture design course portugal

What to expect?

  • Check out the photos from the September 2023 Permaculture Design Course – click here
This permaculture design course will teach you about permaculture philosophy, ecological foundations, design methodologies, and real-world applications. You will get your hands dirty in the vegetable gardens, composting systems, food forests, silvopasture, appropriate technology systems, and managed woodlands on an established 18-hectare site. This course will suit you if you are thinking of applying permaculture in your own life by setting up or joining your own land-based project. It also works well for people seeking ideas, skills and inspiration to embark on a more fulfilling path in life and make positive contributions to the state of the world. The course is certified by the Permaculture Association (Britain), it offers a foundation to further your permaculture journey via the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design or other advanced training.

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