Yoga Retreat Portugal – Offgrid Permaculture Farm

A week’s experience living on an off-grid permaculture farm with yoga, natural sustainable living, connecting to nature, sunshine, sleep, mountain views, meditation, star gazing, hammocks, workshops on sustainable living, permaculture and enjoying organic food straight from the earth. Join us for an eco-yoga retreat in Portugal.

Yoga Retreat with Permaculture 2023 Dates

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yoga retreat portugal
Our Yoga Deck with a sunrise view of the countryside. Without noise pollution and in pure tranquillity

A day on the yoga retreat

Remember, it is a busy schedule, so you can opt out of anything you like or attend them all.

  • 7.30 am: wake-up tea with fresh herbs and fruit from the garden
  • 8. am: morning yoga and meditation classes with your Yoga Teacher (See dates for the Yoga Teacher)
  • 10 am – morning activity: Day 1. Tour of farm ad permaculture systems. Day 2. Connecting with food (farm to table). Day 3. Tree Planting. Day 4. Walk to a local cafe. Day 5. Propagation of plants
  • 1 pm – fresh, vegetarian, organic lunch with home-grown and local produce from a fabulous chef
    – afternoon yoga class
  • 2.30 pm – afternoon activity. Day 1 Fermenting foods. Day 2. Soap making. Day 3 Trip to a local site*. Day 4. Food Forest workshop. Day 5. Pizza Party
  • 4 pm – afternoon yoga class
  • 6 pm – fresh, vegetarian, organic dinner with home-grown and local produce from a fabulous chef
  • 8 pm – evening activity. Day 1. Meditation, Day 2. Star Gazing. Day 3. Moon Rise. Day 4. Sound Healing. Day 5 Ecstatic Dance. (During Sudhir’s retreats, these will be Satsangs)
yoga retreat portugal
Enjoy homesteading workshops on growing food, soap making and fermenting

What else is included in the yoga retreat in Portugal

– sustainable, entirely off-grid living
– beautiful outdoor (and indoor) hot, solar & wood-powered showers
– free time for relaxing, reading, sunbathing, hammock time and exploring the local area
– massage and reiki sessions are available on-site (at extra cost)

Video about our yoga and permaculture retreats

Transport to Yoga Retreat Portugal

Regularly, comfortable buses and trains travel from Lisbon and Porto (around €15) to Fundao. From there, we will help you arrange your travel to the farm (€25 per taxi, which up to 8 people can share).
We ask that all guests arrive on the evening the yoga retreat Portugal starts so that we can all start together as a group. We recommend spending the night before in Lisbon or Porto to reach us comfortably on the start day (alternatively, fly into Porto or Lisbon early). We ask that all guests please arrive by 6 pm on our first day so that we can introduce you to the farm and eat together.

Yoga Retreat Portugal Pricing

  • Super Early Bird base price €390, early bird €490, basic price €590
  • The price includes food, daily yoga and meditation and permaculture workshops
  • Free camping or book a tipi, tent on the caravan
yoga retreat portugal
Enjoy healthy and organic food from the gardens in our local community

Yoga Retreat Portugal Accommodation Options

Your tent or caravan (free)
Rent one of our caravans: EUR 150 EUR
Share space in a wonderful teepee or tent: EUR 80 per person
Click here for more information on accommodation

Prices include mattresses and bedding.

The Hosts:

Kimberly Manchee

Kimberly will be one of your hosts at every retreat at Keela Yoga Farm and is the resident teacher at Keela Yoga Farm throughout the year. She finished her yoga teacher training at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa in 2017 while she was a school teacher in Asia. Since then, she has taken further teacher training with teachers like Kino Macgregor. Now she has been teaching full-time at Keela Yoga Farm since 2017.

yoga retreat portugal
Kimberly teaching yoga on the Yoga Deck at Yoga Farm

Laurence Manchee

Laurence is your permaculture teacher and host at every retreat at Keela Yoga Farm. He will take you on workshops so you can connect more with nature and your food. He will also give you a tour of Keela Yoga Farm’s new food forests, where he grows food and natural medicine in the most sustainable way. Laurence designs and implements permaculture systems, gardens and food forests.

laurence manchee
Laurence is teaching a connecting with your food workshop at Keela Yoga Farm.

Sudhir Rishi (guest teacher from India)

Satsung with Sudhir Rishi at Keela Yoga farm

Sudhir Rishi has consistently been practising yoga, meditation, philosophy and Ayurveda for the last 23 years. He lived as a Monk for eight years and taught in Ashrams in India. He has taught more than 80 groups of 200hr and 300hr YTTCs, teaching thousands of students worldwide where he inspires yoga teachers to delve deeper into yoga philosophy and meditation. He travels to several countries conducting workshops and retreats.

We are excited to have Sudhir back for our July 2022 this year.

We met Sudhir at Satsungs and Pranayama classes he taught at Sampoorna Yoga in India. His teachings resonated with us; we have kept in touch with him by following his podcasts. He can connect with anyone so well, and his teachings are meaningful and easy to follow. Sudhir travelled to Europe to do his first teachings at Keela Yoga Farm in 2019 and will be returning.

Click here to listen to Rishi Sudhir’s podcasts or visit his website.

Anya guest yoga teacher)

Anya Ki
Anya on the Keela Yoga farm Yoga Deck

We met Anya several years ago when we took one of her retreats at H2O Yoga & Meditation on Gili Air island in Indonesia. Years later we approached Anya as we thought she would be perfect for Keela. She hosted our first Yoga retreat here in 2017.

Anya has been teaching Yoga since 2009, mainly in Berlin where she is based, and also as a returning guest teacher in Bali and Thailand. Not only is she an amazing yoga teacher, her connection to the land, passion for the depth of Yoga and her involvement in all things going on the farm – from building with mud to cooking vegetarian food – makes her the perfect yoga teacher for Keela Yoga Farm.

Anya teaches the whole path of yoga, integrating the ancient and valuable roots of Vedanta philosophy with a modern-day awareness of the body’s natural biomechanics. Her classes guide students back to a sense of natural lightness, brightness and simplicity in the fullness of what is already here and now.

Anya also runs regular classes, other retreats, workshops and events. Check out her site:

Yoga Retreta Portugal

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