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Yoga and Permaculture in Portugal
Laurence & Kimberly Manchee

Keela was started by Laurence and Kimberly Manchee who want to see a healthier, happier world through the practice of Permaculture, sustainability, reforestation, Yoga, and producing food.

We have Permaculture Design Coursesyoga retreats, natural building courses and volunteers starting every month.

We are located in the centre of Portugal near Fundao

Our Projects

Food Forest Program 

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We have 5 food forest areas, one planted each year since 2017 (man-made edible forest of trees shrubs, ground covers and climbers) covering 1 hectare of land, which will keep expanding until 18 hectares of land is entirely full of food forests or similar concepts (e.g. restoration agriculture).

Daily Yoga

Yoga Portugal
The yoga deck with a sunrise view

Kimberly Manchee (resident yoga teacher) and guest yoga teachers provide optional free daily classes to volunteers and students on the Natural Building and Permaculture courses. Kimberly also teaches drop-in classes at Keela Yoga Farm.

Natural Building

Straw Bale House
6 of the 30 people working on our strawbale building over one month, this house was completed in March 2019 and we now live in it

We try to use materials from our land as much as possible. So far we have built two large straw bale houses, a wattle and daub chicken house, a long drop compost vermiculture dry toilet, a non-flush pee station, two compost toilets, a straw bale greenhouse, a natural sheep barn and a vermiculture flushing toilet.

Permaculture Vegetable Gardens

Food ForestOne of our many growing areas

A big focus of the farm is gardening and growing food for ourselves and guests. We work in the gardens every day of the year. We are growing perennial vegetables and fruits in the food forests, we grow annual vegetables in the growing gardens, we have sunken beds, raised beds, wood chip beds, hugelkultur beds, herb gardens, a herb spiral, traditional beds, a kitchen garden and we are working on reviving some springs and systems built on our land by the Moors.

Where we do not grow food, we buy organic from a local organic permaculture farm or the local market bio stalls. All of our dry food is bought in bulk from an organic distributor of food and other products such as washing up liquid and floor cleaner (we purchase this with a local bulk buying co-op that we coordinate).

Permaculture system research and experimentation

Compost water heater
Drawing of the compost pile that we built that is currently heating water. We have many experiments on the go including a long drop compost vermiculture toilet, different styles of food forests, ways to do cover crops, vermiculture flushing toilet, restoration agriculture.

Daily Harvest of Food

Daily Harvest of Food
Every day, all year we harvest food from the garden which is served to retreat and course guests, and volunteers

Wine Making

Wine Making

We make wine and other fermented healthy drinks such as kombucha and kefir. Next year we would like to try making cider.

Natural Products

Home Soap with ingredients from the land
Home made soaps

We make soaps, moisturiser and cleaning products. We usually do free workshops on these for guests

Preserving Food

Preserving food

We make jam, chilli sauces, and fermented foods all from our own produce, every week. We also dry herbs for cooking and making tea blends


Planting trees in 2019

We commit time, money and space for reforestation. We like being able to offer people a cheap option to offset their carbon footprint.

Offgrid and sustainable

Our PV panels that create electricity for the farm

We have our own drinking water from the land, our own electricity, a lot of our own food and we make our income to live and expand the farm.


Outside chillout area in the courtyard
Outside chillout area in the courtyard

We have pizza parties with our stone-built pizza oven, BBQs, fires around the stone circle, film nights, visits to the cafe and fun during all courses and work. ‘Smile, it’s your birthright’ – Sudhir Rishi

Glamping and Caravans

Glamping in one of the tipis

Enjoy sleeping in nature, with stars, birds and views all around us. We have tipis, various caravans and eco huts or you can bring your own tent.


Feeding the chickens

We have two chicken houses, a chicken tractor, a duck house (currently empty), bee hives, cats, dogs and sheep that help us keep the grass down.

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