How to Kill Eucalyptus Naturally on Organic farms

Eucalyptus trees are bad for the environment and a fire hazard in Portugal. We have killed many areas of Eucalyptus on our farm and we would like to share with you how we kill eucalyptus trees.

  1. Cut down the tree
  2. Process all the materials
  3. After one week cut back any new growth
  4. Check back every week and keep cutting new growth until it has died. this is easiest by hand or with a spade
  5. Some trees will stop growing after 3 weeks
  6. Some may grow again months later, just cut off the new growth
  7. If you don’t go every week, you can do it every month but the growth is harder to cut off. This needs to be done with a spade

Please check out our youtube video for more on this

Once you have removed and killed the eucalyptus it is time to replant with native species of trees. If you want to see how we have done it then please do watch the video.

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