Volunteer Yoga Teacher Portugal

Keela Yoga Farm is a volunteer-based project focusing on permaculture, sustainability, reforestation and community living. Spend your time with us to connect with nature and people, learn about sustainable living, and help contribute to the project by teaching daily yoga asana classes and meditation.

We require a volunteer yoga teacher to assist us with the daily yoga class for our volunteers and course participants. Yoga teachers are on a complete volunteer basis. It is a work exchange (no money is exchanged). You will work 5 hours, 5 days per week. The tasks will be teaching yoga, helping us on the farm, in the kitchen or cleaning. We will provide you with accommodation in a tent, tipi or caravan, 3 organic meals per day and you may join the yoga classes from another teacher.

yoga teacher volunteering
A volunteer yoga teacher teaching a class on our yoga deck

About you

  • You may be a new yoga teacher who is looking to gain some experience
  • You may be an experienced yoga teacher who is looking for a break or somewhere to stay between jobs
  • You want to connect with nature and experience living in a community
  • You are interested in permaculture, sustainability, gardening and happy to get involved with group tasks
  • You have a positive attitude!

What is required of you

  • To be part of the Keela Yoga Farm community and participate in the volunteer-based project
  • Teach between 2 and 5 yoga, meditation and or pranayama class per week
  • Assist with cooking organic vegan food from vegetables from our gardens
  • Participate in community tasks (Washing up, cleaning etc)
  • Present yourself as a host to guests and encourage people to attend classes or workshops that you want to offer
  • Participation in some gardening or natural building projects
  • You will participate in the project for 5-6 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Not compulsory but we are also looking for someone who can help us with social media, either by working the camera, editing or being in the pictures

What you get in return

  • 3 healthy organic local meals per day, much of it grown on-site
  • Two full days off per week
  • Basic accomodation in a tent or caravan depending on the time of year
  • The opportunity to participate in a conscious project
  • Enjoy sustainable living in nature
  • Connect to your food and nature
  • Learn about permaculture and sustainability
  • Free time to study and prepare for lessons
  • Opportunity for some income if you are able to give massages to our guests
  • Opportunity for extra income if you can do extra hours and help us with are market stalls
  • Opportunity to stay longer as a full time paid member of staff

Dates and projects

We have divided our 2024 year into date periods based on what we have happening on the farm. These date periods are the same for volunteers in other areas of the farm, and we would like all of you to start and finish on the same date so that you have a good induction together and experience as a group. However, we are also looking for someone to stay for multiple periods or even longer-term.

During the winter, we do not have any courses and retreats on-site, but we will have a small group of 5 volunteers helping manage the project. You will teach a small group and also participate in sustainable projects on the farm, cooking, and gardening, all together as a community.

During our periods with courses, we will have a large group of students on-site, and you will teach larger groups as well as help with cooking farm-to-table food.

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