Permaculture volunteer program in Portugal

We count on people to help keep the place growing, happy and alive.

Volunteers planting trees
Photo: Volunteers are making a compost pile.

2024 volunteer options

This year, we are running various permaculture courses. We will need help around the farm between the courses, but during them, we will need extra help with cooking, cleaning, preparing workshops, and making beds. To make this as smooth as possible, we generally have volunteers in different roles so they can be trained on the relevant tasks.

Prerequisites. Physically and mentally fit, you want to learn about a permaculture farm and help keep our Market Garden, Agroforests and animals thriving. All volunteers may need to help with other tasks to help with days off and breaks.

Volunteer date Options:

2024 permaculture volunteer start dates

We prefer our volunteers to start on set dates so that we can welcome you together and give you a tour. We usually have about 5 volunteers here, which increases during our permaculture courses.

  • 10th June
  • 16th June
  • 8th July
  • 22nd July
  • 5th August
  • 12th August
  • 2nd Sept
  • 14th Oct
  • 11th Nov
  • 8th Dec

Summer 2024 Permaculture Internship

We will be running a summer permaculture internship from 10th June until 10th August for people who want to learn more about permaculture. Minimum stay is two weeks. Please click here for more information.

Volunteering Option 1: Cook and hosting

We are looking for someone to help us with cooking and hosting during our courses and retreats. This includes making breakfast, lunch, dinner and general cleaning on rotation. We are also accepting Erasmus chef internships.

Volunteering Option 2: Yoga teacher (+ gardening or cooking)

We are looking for a volunteer yoga teacher to teach the other guests daily classes. The rest of your time, participate in the farm-to-table kitchen or in the garden.

Volunteering Option 3: Land, market garden and forest volunteering

This is the core of our project. Growing food, stewarding the land and is the area that we need the most help.

Volunteers helping build our straw bale house

One Tree Hill
We have good views, relaxing spots, no noise pollution, stars and the sound of nature all around us

What is included when you volunteer at our permaculture and yoga farm:

  • Healthy organic meals, much of which is from our farm or neighbouring farms
  • Get closer to the food you eat
  • Learn how to cook
  • Daily yoga or workout classes. (usually, we rotate between the two)
  • See permaculture systems in action
  • Time to relax, unwind and get back to nature
  • Learn new skills in permaculture, natural building, healthy and sustainable living
  • 2 days off to relax or visit local places, usually, once per month we spend one of these mornings helping local communities and farms
  • Experience being part of a community! 
Regular workshops on permaculture
Regular workshops on permaculture

What is expected of you

  • You start on the set dates so you can be part of a group
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Look after our tools and equipment as if they are your own
  • 5 volunteer days
  • 5-6 hours per day volunteers
  • Willing and interest to learn and work hard
  • Assisting with community tasks (cooking, cleaning, lighting fires etc)
Usually on the last night, we make our pizzas in the wood-fired oven for a closing party
volunteer permaculture
We have areas to eat and hang out both inside and outside

Community Facilities

  • Community straw bale house – a large house with a fully functional kitchen, dining room and chill-out area, charging stations, a projector for movie nights and free WiFi
  • Yoga deck with a view
  • Outside hang-out areas: stone circle, BBQ area, food forests.
  • Long drop vermiculture compost toilet
  • Washing machine (1 EUR peruse including organic washing liquid)
  • 3 showers: 1 Indoor shower room with wood-fired hot water in a tropical greenhouse, 1 outside solar shower open to nature, 1 natural waterfall (cold shower and only during winter and spring)
  • 45 acres (18 hectares) of land to walk with many chill-out spots, hammocks and viewpoints
  • 2 dogs, 3 cats and 9 chickens to interact with daily 🙂
We have an inside shower powered by wood and this outdoor solar shower

Local Village

The village is small and quiet and has a cafe with a small convenient shop (with free wifi) and is a 25-minute walk from our farm.

A volunteer collecting out daily fresh salad from the garden


  • We are mostly vegetarian, but we can cater for strict vegetarians and vegans if required. We can offer occasional meat from our own animals as well.
  • Most of our food is grown on-site but others are locally sourced.
  • We can also cater for most allergies, including gluten, lactose etc. Gluten-free products tend to cost slightly more than normal, so we charge EUR 10 extra per week if you like this option.

What is it like volunteering at Keela Yoga Farm

Check out the following videos from past guests at Keela Yoga Farm to see what they think about the farm and hosts:

For more photos, please do check us out on Facebook 

Yoga Classes on-site

Yoga Portugal
Our yoga deck with a view is there for those of you that want it before you start your day. No yoga classes when there are no internships, retreats or courses.

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