Reforestation Project in Portugal

Vision: To live on surrounded by a functioning forest ecosystem serving as a natural fire break and food source. Promote the idea and support and inspire others to reduce the fire risk in the region.

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Mission: To reforest the 18 hectares of land that we own to serve three purposes, 1 offset carbon, 2 attract wildlife, 3 to sustainably provide food for humans and animals.

How Can you help?

  • Volunteer with us to take part in our reforestation project.
  • Donate to the program by buying trees
  • Donate trees, knowledge, seeds, fence posts or fencing to us. Contact us for this
  • Start a campaign to raise money for our reforestation program
  • Share any of our below blogs or facebook posts on reforestation
  • Plant a tree in your garden, a friends garden or join a reforestation or tree planting effort in your area

Every time food is grown for us energy is required to grow it in the form of petrol for equipment, chemicals for fertilisers and oil for transport. Every time we buy appliances or clothes, when we wipe our behinds, use a printer, turn on a kettle or open a fridge door we are doing something ad for the environment.  The best way we can offset this is to buy trees and  plant  them. So please offset your carbon and the damage you are creating by being hereby contribution to our reforestation program either by volunteering or a financial contribution or by any other means.

As much as reforesting an area is changing the environment and can be seen by environmentalists as bad for the current life there, we believe that we should be reforesting agriculture land to offset carbon and create a habitat for life that once lived in the forest. Each year we will continue to plant a mix of native long-lived trees, faster-growing pioneer trees and trees that will be thinned out as the forest matures to provide sustainable timber and firewood for us and the local community. the forest should also supply food and shelter to both animals and foraging for humans.

Blog Posts on Reforestation efforts so far

Reforestation Update – November 2019

This year we have started our reforestation efforts a bit earlier so we can plant more and the plants can enjoy the winter rains. 

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Aerial photos and updates Oct 2019

A friend dropped by and took some aerial photos of each area of our farm areas. These are taken at the end of the Summer 2019 when the land is very dry and shows the work we have done on this abandoned land over the past two years.

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Autumn 2018 reforestation efforts

We plan to reforest 18 hectares of land to offset carbon and attract wildlife. This winter with the help of volunteers, friends, neighbors and donations we have planted a forest in more than one hectare of it. Read on for a full update.

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Food Forest for Chickens – October 2018 Design and Planting

During our Automne 2018 food forest course we designed and planted a food forest for Chickens. This is a food forest with perennial plants and trees that chickens can fodder for fruit, berries, leaves and insects. However without plants that chickens will quickly destroy through overeating or scratching. Leaving the rest for us to harvest.

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Photos from Octobers Food Forest Course

Check out some of the photos of the students in action during October’s food forest course. The students from this course designed and planted a new food forest for Chickens and Humans to enjoy near our new community building.

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Photos from March Food Forest Course

In March 2018 we held our second month long Food Forest course. The group of eight spent one month learning about trees, soils and food forests whilst researching their own trees and creating designs for a food forest. They then planted a new food forest in an old olive grove in one of our terraces.

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Photos from the food forest course

During November 2017 we held our first Food Forest course at Keela Yoga Farm. This month long course was designed to give the students the full experience of how to design and set up a food forest on an off-grid farm. Take a look at what we got up to, and read on to learn more about […]

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