Kimberly Manchee – Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder of Keela Yoga Farm

Kimberly Manchee is the co-founder of Keela Yoga Farm. She is the farm and kitchen manager and resident Yoga teacher. Kimberly teaches workshops on Reiki, food fermentation and preserving, makes cheese, connects the fresh farm food to the kitchen, runs yoga retreats, teaches local yoga classes and looks after the farm animals. Have a read for more information on Kimberly Manchee.

Yoga Teacher

Check our retreat page for Kimberly’s retreats or her facebook page for local drop-in classes

Kimberly Manchee
Kimberly teaching on the yoga deck at the farm

She first started practising Yoga in Hong Kong in 2005, which initially started as a hobby. However, after attending many classes in Asia, Australia and Singapore, 450 hours of teacher training and teaching regularly on the farm and at local classes, it has become a lifestyle.

Expanding your awareness is a key part of Yoga, and since living and practising within nature, she noticed that her awareness was expanding from within as she became more grounded and connected to her surroundings.  

Her teaching style, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, is a mixture of the styles that she has studied over the years in various YTTs and workshops, which she modifies and develops depending on the levels and experiences of the guests attending her classes.

Kimberly has been teaching at Keela Yoga Farm full time since 2017, prior to that she was teaching in Singapore and has attended the following yoga teacher training courses:

Kimberly Manchee
Morning self-practice on the yoga deck

Reiki Master

Reiki Level 1 Attunement Course Portugal
Kimberly offers Reiki attunements and treatments at the farm.

Farm to table chef and food preserver

Kimberly Manchee
Most people come to learn about permaculture, gardening or natural building, but usually leave saying that they loved learning how to cook vegetarian food that comes from the garden.
Kimberly manchee
During retreats, Kimberly designs recipes and cooks delicious meals with ingredients that have been harvested from our garden
Kimberly Manchee
Kimberly prepares and cooks pizza for you in our stone pizza oven
Kimberly Manchee
Making various cheeses with locally sourced sheep’s milk. Halloumi, paneer and ricotta cheese is made the same day as the sheep is milked.
kimberly manchee
Fermented food is essential to having a healthy gut so we serve it every day. Here she is teaching a workshop on fermenting which is scheduled on all courses and retreats throughout the year.

Running the permaculture project

Kimberly previously completed a PDC and natural building course at Rak Tamachat, a food forest course at Terra Alta and volunteered at many permaculture projects. She now co-runs Keela Yoga Permaculture farm, helping to plan and manage natural building courses, food forest courses and Yoga retreats.  She mainly teaches yoga, looks after the animals, manages the farm to table kitchen and steps in anywhere that help is needed.

Kimberly Manchee
Kimberly loves animals and looks after our dogs, cats, chickens and sheep
Kimberly Manchee
Working on the community house with volunteers at Keela Yoga Farm
Kimberly Manchee
Helping to build the solar system at Keela Yoga Farm
Kimbery Manchee
‘Testing’ the harvest for the kitchen team 🙂
kimberly manchee
Leading meditation classes after a long day of clay plastering


Kimberly Manchee
Harvesting grapes to make wine
Kimberly Manchee
Showing off the fermented food that she serves every day

Before Keela Yoga Farm

Kimberly was an interntaional Primary school teacher and quit the ‘rat race’ to live a more sustainable life at Keela Yoga Farm. Before buying the farm she volunteered at many projects including Osho Gardens, A Quinta, Awakened Life Project, Yoga Holidays Portugal, Vale da Sarvinda and attended Permaculture courses at Terra Alta and Rak Tamachat.

For more information on her journey leaving the city, looking for land and buying Keela Yoga Farm click here.

Kimberly Manchee
Kimberly and Laurence at Doug Crouchs’s food forest course at Terra Alta

Keela Yoga Farm mini-doco by Jazz Mandala

Natural Building Course, 2015


Join one of her retreats and develop your own yoga practice, learn about permaculture and sustainable living.

Kimberly would love for you to come and volunteer at Keela Yoga Farm. She will help you develop your yoga practice and cooking skills.

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