Permaculture Internships

Join our Permaculture internship and experience everything that happens on a new permaculture farm. Live off-grid with a community, eat healthy food while in nature and enjoy daily yoga classes.

Keela Yoga Farm Winter vegtable garden
A photo of our permaculture gardens during the end of the hot summer in 2019

Internship start dates 2020

We are reopening post our COVID 19 shut down on the 7th July for a 10 week Permaculture and Natural Building internship

Internship Cost

EUR 300 per month or EUR 100 per week. Apply now Response within 48 hour. Confirm your place with a non-refundable 50EUR deposit.

Courses During this Month

Interns that stay with us for at least one month get 25% of our courses or 50% off if you book three months before. The courses will enhance your learning experience. These include 10 Day Food Forest Courses.

Topics during internship

These topics will all be covered during a month period. To ensure you get to do all of these things you will need to stay with us for at least one month.

  • Planting in-season vegetables and working in the vegetable garden
  • Planting seeds for the next season planting
  • Building new permaculture systems 
  • Animal Husbandry: We have chickens, sheep and pigs
  • Working on completing existing permaculture systems
  • Reforestation and restoration agriculture focus (tree planting, fencing) (Autumn and winter only)
  • Earthworks: Swales, ponds, roads
  • Creating permanent permaculture garden beds: Hugleculture, woodchip or sunken beds
  • Working in the food forest
    • Pruning Trees
    • Maintaining the food forest
    • Propagating plants
  • Processing food
    • Jams and sauces
    • Soap making
    • Fermentation
  • Forest management (harvesting timber, clearing fire breaks, building with green timber)
  • Natural building

Intern projects or farm tasks

Many interns like to have their own bigger projects that they can work on during their stay. So we will work with you to choose a project within the above topics. Otherwise, you will also be assigned a daily task on the farm. Which could be watering plants, looking after our worm far, sheep, chickens on pigs, making bread or juices, harvesting vegetables or harvesting our daily salad.

Usually day of an intern

  • 7.30am Yoga Class (optional and 3-4 days per week)
  • 8.30am Breakfast (prepared together or on rotation)
  • 9.30am Working on the farm, usually different tasks each day so you can experience the whole farm
  • 1.30pm Lunch (you cook on rotation, starting at 11am)
  • Afternoon interns work on their own project, help someone on their project or complete daily tasks
  • 7.30pm dinner


During the weekends most guests on the farm cook together enjoy time on the farm or visit local sites.

Community Living

  • Food is cooked on rotation with the community (Can’t cook? don’t worry you will have support from our in house chef, so you will leave us a competent cook)
  • Once per month as part of our community outreach, we visit a local farm to help them out for a morning
  • Friday afternoons is a deep clean afternoon so we can enjoy a clean environment for the week ahead, during this time we may need to prepare bedding for future guests

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