Photos from Octobers Food Forest Course

Check out some of the photos of the students in action during October’s food forest course. The students from this course designed and planted a new food forest for Chickens and Humans to enjoy near our new community building.

  • During the first week we learnt about food forests, food forest design and drawing to scale maps. We worked in our winter garden inside our food forest and planted an edible hedge row.
  • During the second week, we learnt all about plants, trees, guilds and polycultures, we pruned, propagated and and spent time working in our existing food forest
  • In the third week we finalize the design for the chicken food forest and started preparing the land by digging a swale, put up fencing, composting, preparing mulch and digging holes for trees.
  • In the last week we planted the food forest and installed irrigation.
  • On the last two days we all had a go at natural building

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