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You can help us with our reforestation project by purchasing some trees for us to plant or volunteering with us in February 2021. You can either choose your own trees online and have them sent to us or send us a donation so we can buy trees locally. After you donate we will send you a photo of the trees and where they are planted on our map.

1 Tree – 10 Eur Donation

5 trees – 50 EUR Donation
10 trees – 100 EUR donation

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Please mail us for you personalised sign for the trees (min €50 worth of trees)


  1. Contact us for our UK or Portuguese ban account
  2. Buy plants directly online and have them posted to us at:

Address: Keela Yoga Farm, Cafe Rolo, Mata Da Rainha, Fundao, Castelo Branco, 6230-810

Visit this website to purchase and send:

Click here to find out more about our reforestation program