Planting trees in the summer

Planting trees in the summer is never ideal but sometimes we just need or want to do it. Ideally, we plant trees bare-rooted trees in Automne (or spring for more frost-sensitive trees). However, we have moved big olive trees and planted potted trees in the summer and this week we planted 21 and this is how we do it.

We planted along our promenade 18 trees as part of a birthday gift from Evalina to her daughter Maria which included. 2 x pomegranate, Alder, Hackberry, Mulberry, 4 x hazels (2 varieties), Quince, Japanese privet, Gum tree, Poplar, London Plane, American Oak x 2, Robuk Oak x2

How to plant a tree in the summer

Steps to planting trees in the summer.

1. Dig a huge hole, we use a digger

The bigger the hole the more organic matter you can add that can hold nutrients and water

2. Flood the hole

The day before flood the hole so it is full of water and that can then soak into the ground

3. Buy potted trees

During winter bare-rooted trees are ideal and tend not to do so well when planted in the summer so buy trees in pots

4. Soak the root ball in water for an hour

My mother always says, ‘never plant a thirsty plant’

5. Install irrigation to the tree holes

This should be done before you buy the trees so that you can water them well straightway

6. Plant with lots of organic matter to hold water.

We used sheep wool, biochar, compost from sheep, chickens and worms

7. Mulch well

We used sheep wool or aged manure

8. Irrigate regularly

The trees will need more regular irrigation than if they were planted at the ideal time in the winter.

Please do check out the video of how we planted 18 trees on a hot day this summer

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