Organic veg boxes for sale from our permaculture farm

We have extended our summer garden of vegetables and are now selling veg boxes to local customers. Each week customers buy a box or €10 or €20 worth of vegetables. Laurence packs each box with what is available that week instead of the customers choosing their vegetables.

About our veg boxes

  1. We price the veg box at €2 per kilo which means a €10 veg box could have between €15 to €25 of veg at supermarket prices. This means the customers get cheaper veg
  2. All our veg is organic, picked fresh and produces by hand
  3. We harvest what is ripe each Friday and then spread them into the boxes. this means no product is wasted and all produce gets sold. It also means customers get fresher vegetables and a variety throughout the season
  4. Our veg box is considerably cheaper than most as we do not do delivery runs or markets. We just have one pick-up point at our local cafe where the customers also stop for a beer which makes the admin so much easier for us. We also have them available at our yoga classes

Video about our veg box service

Veggie boxes ready for delivery

Contact us for more information on our veggie boxes or visit our shop page for more information

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