Thomas Henfrey – Permaculture Design Educator

We would like to introduce Thomas Henfrey. Tom is a co-teacher at Keela Yoga Farm’s Permaculture Design Courses. He is the only certified Permaculture Diploma tutor in Portugal. He is an author of various permaculture and ecology books and has 20 years of experience in Permaculture and Ecology. Tom co-taught his first PDC at Keela Yoga Farm in March 2022 and it was an absolute success, please do join for the next PDC. He brings huge value to Keela Yoga Farm’s courses as a co-teacher.

With Tom as your teacher, you will be able to receive a certified PDC certificate. After this, you will also be able to progress with your Permaculture Diploma as Tom is the only certified Permaculture Diploma teacher in Portugal.

Tom Henfrey Permaculture Design Course
Photo: Tom teaching at the Permaculture Design Course in the strawbale house at Keela Yoga Farm in March 2022

He locates his work mainly at the edge between permaculture and my other main professional activities: as a researcher into the social and cultural dimensions of ecological sustainability, and as a practitioner of core shamanism. His current work weaves the three together in a new programme of action, learning, training and writing entitled Sacred Political Ecology.

As a researcher, Tom has an interdisciplinary background in Environmental Anthropology and Human Ecology. He has a doctoral research on indigenous environmental knowledge in Guyana and later found a niche as an action researcher within permaculture, Transition and related fields, strengthening the social and environmental impacts of projects through systematic application of permaculture in research design. He was a co-founder of the ECOLISE network for community-led initiatives on sustainability and climate change in Europe, where he worked as Research Coordinator between 2017 and 2021, and is a Fellow and Management Board member at the Schumacher Institute in Bristol, England. I currently work on a freelance basis in several national and international projects on community-scale action for eco-social regeneration.

Books by Tom Henfrey

You can purchase books from Thomas Henrey on Amazon or from Permaculture Magazine

Please join Tom at Keela for our next Permaculture Design Course

To follow Tom Henfrey you can also visit his website


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