Natural Building Applied Technology

Here are some of the technologies that can be used alongside Natural Building Techniques. To join our natural building courses please do check out this link.

Passive Heating

  1. Roofing overhands should provide full shade to windows when needed (in summer) and full sun when needed (in winter). this can be calculated using the angles of a triangle and knowing sun angles at different times of the year.
  2. Heat should be stored in a thermal mass (the ability of a material to store heat) or an insulated room
  3. Have good ventilation for heat distribution but not cool drafts, porches are a winner!
  4. Avoiding hot summer and cold winter winds by not having doors and windows on these sides
  5. Earth Tubes

Read more on passive heating here

Passive Cooling

  1. Shade your house with trees and plants in the summer
  2. Good ventilation in the summer
  3. Earth tubes

Read more on passive cooling here

Earth Tubes

Free heater and aircon, 24 hours per day

  1. Dig a trench approx 50 meters
  2. LÇay a pipe in it to your house
  3. air travels underground for 50 meters before entering your house
  4. The earth will cool the air in the summer
  5. The earth will heat the air in the winter

For more info read here

Composting Toilets

  1. Vermiculture  Long drop dry toilet
  2. Flushing vermiculture Toilet
  3. Bucket system

Rain Water catchment

  1. Gutters
  2. First, flush diverter
  3. Tanks
  4. Ponds

All in one heating systems

  1. Rayburn system
  2. Rocket stove cob bench mass heater and oven

Solar Heating

  1. Heating water for showering
  2. Heating air for heating

To join our natural building courses please do check out this link.

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