Natural Building Techniques

List of different Natural Building Techniques that can be used in a Natural Building.

All photos from the buildings and courses at Keela Yoga Farm. Join us for a Natural Building course.

Straw Bale

Kirsty helping for the day with the straw bale wall


Stuffing the cordwood wall with some wool insulation from our sheep in the cordwood Barn. To be completed in 2021

Wattle and Daub Single

Wattle and daub in construction

Wattle and Daub Double

Smoothing out the clay on the wattle and daub wall


Our friend Danny built us a stone wall behind our house consisting of seats and a BBQ


Natural Building Courses
Our buildings are made of stone, wattle n daub, straw bale, clay and earth bags. Come and get your hands dirty with us.


straw bale build portuga
Barbra from mount of oaks ran a course here. The first item was an earthbag foundation

Sheep Wood Insulation

Light Earth Insulation or infill

vermiculture flushing toilet (16)
We built up stone walls with stones from around the land, insulated it with leftover roof mate and filled any gaps with light earth (straw and clay)



Rammed Earth

Earth Bricks (Adobe)

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