Winter Update

Some photos for those of you that do not follow us on facebook to see what we have been upto over the winter. We have been preparing beds for the summer, tidying up the land and working on the straw bale house. Check out the photos.

Our friend Danny built us a stone wall behind our house consisting of seats and a BBQ
our new chicken food forest is coming alive
Cleared a part of our land by our well that was full of brambles, revealing an orange tree and two rows of grape vines
Summer vegetables growing
Swales filling up from rain
Garlic growing in raised beds, sunken beds and wood chip beds, which willl do best?
Garlic, onions, cabbages and brocoli coming alive
I made a mold for making bulk soap to sell
I made window frames for the new house
The fruit trees started blooming
Grafted some trees
Our chickens finished their winter rest and started laying again
Planted a bed of asparagus, this plant lives for 25 years and keep giving
home made Clementine marmalade
Finishing touches on the natural building
We made a lot of compost
Started weaving a wall to give some privacy at the solar shower
A new compost bin
We made dinner on a bonfire
Our first food forest in the olive grove is coming alive
We had a pizza party in stone oven
I made my firs wooden spoons
Ashley planted a new food forest consisting of cherry trees and other native trees
We made a new back to eden woodchip bed
I learnt how ro use a router to make windows
We planted a new vineyard so we can make our own wine in the future
Making wood chips for our back to eden beds
Weeding the woodchip back to eden beds
Lots and lots of cabbage
My aunt painted a fake window in the new community building to add some color
I built three doors
Gave the strawbale house 5 coats of lime wash for a nice finish
Harvesting food daily from the vegtable garden
Adding charcoal to the sheep’s bedding to improve soil

We stripped the bark of invasive mimosa trees to try and kill them off, we have planted avocado trees in their place
Plants getting prepared for March’s food forest course
We planted organic seeds of summer vegetables in the greenhouse
Our friend Danny built us a stone wall behind our house consisting of seats and a BBQ

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