What makes the biggest garlic heads

It is known that bigger garlic cloves grow bigger garlic heads. But I want to find out how true that is. So this year we are planting the bigger garlic cloves in separate beds to the smaller cloves so we can see it for ourselves.

growing garlic
Planting one bed of small garlic cloves and one bed of large garlic cloves to see if there is a noticeable difference in the garlic head size.

Last year we grew about 300 garlic heads, which we thought would be enough garlic for the community for the year, but no we use more. So this year we have planted over 1000 garlic cloves. Let us see if this enough.

Last season’s experiment with which bed works best for Garlic

We planted garlic in sunken beds, raised beds and woodchip beds to see which gives the biggest garlic.

Growing garlic
Garlic in a raised bed grew medium size but stored the best as the soil could dry out better before harvest
Last years garlic in sunken bed grew biggest bu dint dry for storage well due to be too moist
growing garlic portugal
Last year’s garlic in the woodchip bed grew the smallest

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