The day we quit our jobs to start a sustainable yoga farm

We are excited to announce that we have both now handed our notices in at our jobs, and we are planning to move to Portugal to start a self sustainable yoga community and eco farm. We will grow our own food, create our own energy and host volunteers who will enjoy daily yoga and healthy organic food.

Laurence & Kimbo
Laurence & Kimbo in Busy Singapore

No more working to live, time to just ‘live’.

We will be leaving Singapore in December 2015 and spending some time studying yoga in Thailand at Agama yoga. I will be teaching yoga for the month of January 2016 at Angkor Zen in Cambodia. Kimberly will be attending another Yoga Teacher Training with Kino Yoga in Singapore and then we will do a one month Permaculture Design and Sustainable building course in Thailand at Rak Tamachat. From here we will both spend a month with family in Cyprus and UK before we head to Portugal.

In Portugal from April 2016 we will volunteer at various Permaculture farms and communities and we plan to purchase our own plot of land by September 2016.

Check out the plan to see our timeline. Also join our mailing list and facebook group as we are writing some blogs on where we got the ideas for Keela, as well as keeping you updated along the way.

Watch this space 🙂

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