Natural Building Internship

Join our Natural Building internship and learn everything you need to know about Natural Building


Join the full internship from 7th july 2020 – 21st August 2020 to learn all the topics

You may also join us for one week to one month starting on any of the following dates: 7th July, 21st July or 4th August 2020


  • 300 EUR Full 6 week internship
  • 200 EUR per month
  • 100 EUR per week

We will build a new natural building with straw bales. You will work on existing buildings with straw bales, stone, wattle and daub

We will build a rocket mass heated to heat a bench and cook food.

You also see our straw bale community house, straw bale greenhouse, long drop vermiculture compost toilet, vermiculture flushing toilet system, wattle and daub building and our cordwood work.

  • During this time you will learn new practical skills that are required to be able to finish a house including:
    • Carpentry
    • Dry stone wall
    • Cob
    • Strawbale
    • Cordwood
    • Wattle and daub
    • Rainwater catchment
    • Basic plumbing
    • Basic electrics
    • Installing a floor
  • During this period we will build:
    • A yoga room with straw bales and natural plaster
    • A cob rocket stove mass heater
    • Finish many natural building projects around the farm including
      • A long drop toilet
      • A chicken house
  • 3 healthy vegetarian meals a day
  • Experience living on a permaculture farm in a community environment
  • Daily Yoga Class
  • Accommodation in your own tent, however for a small extra fee you can rent one of our many¬†accommodation¬†options