Shop at Keela Yoga Farm

Please visit our in-house and online shop at Keela to support our small farm. As a Permaculture Farm, first and foremost we are producers. One important part of being a permaculture farm is to produce more and consume less.

Summer veggies include eggplants, corn, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, green beans, potatoes, onions and more. 20 eur box has more variety than 10 eur box

To our local community, we sell the following

  • Compost worms
  • Veg boxes – Collection on Fridays at 6pm at Mata Da Rainha Cafe.
    • We sell €10 and €20 veggie boxes. All are certified organic and at a flat rate of €2 per kilo.  
    • Fresh and dried herbs
  • Certified Organic Sheep and Lambs
  • Certified Organic chickens and eggs
  • Trees for your food forest
  • Organic homemade soap
  • Keela branded water bottles
  • Donations for our reforestation program

Contact us or click on the link above for more information

Composting Worms Portugal

Our compost worms are critical to our organic gardens; they are a must for any organic gardener. They not only reduce waste by eating your leftovers but create a liquid fertiliser for the garden, compost and more worms.

We sell composting worms, they are available for collection from our farm or via post.

Cost for worms

€5 per 100 worms (approximately 1kg) + €5 postage and packaging

Includes our booklet on keeping worms

Please contact us to order your worms

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