Facilities at the yoga farm are improving

Over the past few months, while working on improving our water, solar, camping spots, food forests and vegetable gardens, we now have three choices for showers: A wonderful compost toilet, a yoga room, a chill out mezzanine and 46 acres of land to hang out in. The upgrades continue every day with the help of our amazingly committed volunteers.

We have our own waterfal on our land. Some volunteers showered in this duing the cold months now more people use it in the summer. We didn't even know about this, a volunteer found it...
Shower option 1: We have our own waterfall on our land. Some volunteers showered in this during the cold months, but now that it is hot in Portugal, it’s definitely getting more use. We didn’t even know about the waterfall, a volunteer discovered it and we continue to discover each and every day.


Hot or cold shower
Shower option 2: The new shower room that has hot or cold water from our wood burner that gets put on every day. Inside has been decorated with a mosaic made from left over tiles that we were given second hand.


Our solar shower outside in the middle of nature is powered by sun with our own home made solar heater that can power 10 hot showers in one day
Shower option 3: Our solar shower outside in the midst of nature is heated by the sun with our own home made solar heater that can power up to 10 hot showers in one day.


Our home made compost in a provate wooden hut
Our home made compost toilet in a private wooden hut using olive tree wood for handles and toilet roll holders. The hut is made from recycled wood from a friend’s roof, some bought wood and from our own olive trees. We learnt to keep the smell out and rodents away by building a lid to go on top of the toilet lid and we place fresh wild lavender in the saw dust for an added touch!


Pizza oven
We have now got our old stone bread oven going and in full use!  We have been using it for a pizza night once a week and we make the most of it by baking bread for the week as well.

If you are interested to join the community for 2 weeks, 2 months or two years then please start of by checking our volunteering page

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