2 week Food Forest & Agroforestry Course Portugal

Event Details

This event finished on 01 March 2022

Learn everything you need to know about starting your very own food forest, agroforest and experience living on an off-grid farm on a permaculture project in Portugal. Aso enjoy healthy food, yoga and meditation practice amongst the beautiful Portuguese countryside!

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  1. Day 1: Arrival and settle in
  2. Day 2: Tour of farm and off-grid living induction. Tour includes Natural buildings, silvopasture with pigs, agroforest with sheep and our chicken food forest
  3. Day 3: Organic fertilising. Make and apply various fertilisers such as compost, manure, biochar, vermicomposting, bio fertilisers, compost teas and cover cropping.
  4. Day 4: Designing and planting food forest guilds in the food forest
  5. Day 5 & 6: off
  6. Day 7: Earthworks & irrigation: Making ponds, swales and digging holes for trees with machinery. Ruing pipes for irrigation
  7. Day 8: Designing and planting an agroforest
  8. Day 9: Propagation of plants for food forests and agroforests
  9. Day 10: Ally cropping and food production within the food forests. Looking at sunken beds, Hugelkultur beds and planting on contour
  10. Day 11: Departure

Book your place

  • EUR 400 early bird ticket – book three months before
  • EUR 500 full price per person + accommodation
  • EUR 100 discount for Portuguese residences & past guests
  • Secure with a EUR 50 deposit
  • Bring your own tent for free or book a tipi or caravan (price is per caravan and can be shared with someone else)
  • Option to order a care package so it is ready for your arrival: Natural soap, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, toothpaste and lip balm (choose any 5 of these 6)
  • Option to buy some trees to offset your carbon footprint