Reiki Level 1 Attunement Course Portugal

This September 2017 we will be hosting a Reiki Level 1 attunement course at Keela Yoga Farm. This is an introductory Usui Reiki Level 1 Course and is the first Reiki level. Reiki Level 1 foundation course is suitable for beginners. No previous Reiki experience is required for you to attend this course.

Dates: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September 2017 10am till 4pm – Optional accommodation options available below

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We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves. Reiki Level 1 introduces you to hands on energy healing with 4 attunements over 2 days, as well as learning about and discussing the philosophy, history, and theory of Reiki. Participants will be given information about the seven chakras and their importance within Reiki, and some time to practice the hand positions on themselves and others. You will learn how to bring Reiki into all areas of your life, including how to confidently treat others. It is a relaxed and gentle 2 days which will give time for yoga, meditation, discussions and a chance to get to know the other course participants.

Reiki Master Kimberly Manchee working in the garden
Reiki Master Kimberly Manchee working in the garden

Your Reiki Instructor: Kimberly Manchee

Reiki has always been a part of Kimberly’s life. She grew up surrounded by and immersed in Reiki, lucky enough to be part of a family full of avid Reiki practitioners. She received her first attunements at a Reiki Level 1 course specifically designed for children and young adults in Hong Kong, having asked to be attuned for her 13th birthday present! Since then she has been further attuned to Level 2 and Master Level by her Reiki Master and mum, Margaret Wright. Kimberly enjoys giving Reiki to her husband, her dogs and cats, and most recently the goats and chickens! She has also used it to cleanse areas such as her newly purchased farm, and other personal situations.

Kimberly is a trained Primary School teacher and is enjoying teaching Reiki to others; two passions in one weekend!

‘Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands on healing technique to use on yourself or others, which uses spiritual energy to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage; however, it is much more than a physical therapy. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the person- body, mind, emotions and spirit.’ – Penelope Quest

Reiki Level 1 Portugal
Reiki level 1 graduates at Keela Yoga Farm, 2017

Reiki Level 1 includes: 

  • An illustrated Reiki manual and guide
  • 4 attunements over 2 days which will enable you to give Reiki to yourself and others
  • An introduction to, and brief history of Usui Reiki
  • Learn about the 7 chakras and their importance within Reiki
  • Opportunities to learn and practice self Reiki hand positions
  • Opportunities to learn and practice hand positions for treating others
  • Guided chakra, healing and candle meditation
  • Led hatha and chakra based yoga classes
  • Delicious vegetarian and gluten free lunch
  • Herbal teas and yummy snacks for break times
  • Participants will receive a Level 1 Reiki certificate on completion of the 4 attunements and the course
  • Participants will receive free continued support and advice after the course from Kimberly
  • The opportunity to set up a Reiki share meet up within the local area

Course Costs

  • 2 day Reiki Level 1 Attunement Course including lunch – EUR 100

Additional Accommodation Costs (during the course weekend)

  • Breakfast at the farm – EUR 5
  • Dinner at the farm – EUR 5
  • Your own tent and bedding – Free
  • Tent with single mattress and bedding – EUR 10 per person per night
  • Caravan or tipi with double mattress and bedding – EUR 20 per person per night

Should you wish to stay on after the course has finished, please get in touch for details. 

Guest feedback:

Denise “I really enjoyed the Reiki Level 1 course offered by Keela Yoga Farm. Kimberly is a very knowledgeable practitioner and Master of Reiki, who has basically learned and practiced most of her life, her mum being a Reiki Master as well.
Besides learning how to practice Reiki, we also looked into the history and foundations of it, which was great for me as I was new to this field. There was enough time to have open discussions, as well as hands on practice with the other students on the course and residents on the farm, which was great. “=