Facilities at Keela Yoga Farm

Straw Bale Community Kitchen

straw bale house portugal
Guests enjoy a large communal room and many outside areas to eat and socialise. It is an eco house made of straw bales and clay. click here for info on the build of this house

Long Drop Vermiculture Compost Toilet

Long Drop Vermiculture Compost Toilet
As featured in Permaculture Magazine, this Long Drop Vermiculture Compost Toilet is unique as it uses worms to eat through the humanure creating lots of composting worms and worm castings. read more about it here.

Tropical Strawbale Greenhouse Shower Room

Greenhouse Shower room

In addition to our outside shower, we have an inside wood-powered shower in our greenhouse. This gives the beautiful feeling of showering outside in nature but inside in the warmth of the greenhouse. The hot water heater heats the greenhouse, and guests stay nice and warm. read more about it

Indoor yoga room and classroom

Indoor yoga room and classroom made of natural materials. Check out our video of the natural building course that built this room

Outdoor Yoga Deck

Yoga on the yoga deck on pleasant mornings; if it is too cold or too hot, we use the inside yoga room. During Permaculture and Natural Building courses, you can attend yoga classes for free if you want.

Healthy food and chefs

During all Permaculture courses and Yoga Retreats, we have chefs who provide healthy organic food. You will eat well!

Silence and Tranquillity

18 Hectares of land surrounded by abandoned land gives you the feel of tranquillity and escape from busy towns and cities. The only notice comes from birds and wildlife.

Food Forests and vegetable gardens

Food forests, vegetable gardens and agroforests provide us with a supplement of healthy organic food. Read more about our food forests