Weekend Natural Building Courses, Portugal

  • 20th – 21st July 2019 Reciprocal Roof Weekend (Teacher Barbara Leite)
  • 27-28th July 2019 Wattle & Daub Weekend (Teacher Barbara Leite)
  • 17-18th August 2019 Natural Thatched Roof Weekend (using giesta/broom) (Teacher Barbara Leite)
  • 24th-25th August 2019 – Natural Plastering weekend (Teacher Barbara Leite)

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Reciprocal Roof Weekend 20th – 21st July 2019

reciprocal roof is a kind of roof in which every rafter is supported by the previous one, resulting in a strong, self-supporting construction. On this course we will prepare and make a reciprocal roof with Eucalyptus wood harvested on site.

Wattle and Daub Weekend 27-28th July 2019

This is a method for building walls using wood and cob. It can be from bought wood or young trees or branches (such as willow, mimosa or eucalyptus). This is Keela Yoga Farm’s prefered method of building as it is quick, versatile and it allows you to be creative and practically free when sourcing everything from your own land.

Barbara has built many structures using different methods of Wattle and Daub, usually the method chosen on a site is selected due to the availability of materials on site or locally.

 Natural Thatched Roof Weekend – 17-18th August 2019

Natural roof with giesta / broom
Natural roof with giesta/ broom

We will learn and practice how to make a natural roof using giesta (broom). This is an experimental method that uses materials availible widely on farms in portugal. Thi is the same method as the compost tiled roof has been made by barbra at mount of oaks,


Natural Plastering Weekend – 24th-25th August 2019

When building natural houses out of straw, clay or stone it is imperative that we allow the house to breath. This is achieved by using natural plastering techniques with clay or lime. During this weekend you will have the opportunity to learn how to make the different mixes and have a go at plastering the different types of plasters for different applications. This includes the first coat of clay, clay on straw, clay on wattle and daub, clay finishes, lime finishes and natural pigments.

These courses will give you the opportunity to experience different building techniques as well as having a tour of the various natural buildings we have around our farm, including two strawbale houses and many small structures.

All of the weekend courses will be facilitated by Barbara Leite; a pioneer of the Mount of Oaks community since 2006 (a community local to us). She has over 10 years experience in Permaculture Design and Natural Building, with all the mistakes and successes that go with starting from scratch!


€100 for one weekend

€350 for all four weekends

What is included:

  • 2 x lunches
  • 2 full days on the course

What is not included in the above price:

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner if you are staying the night
  • Yoga and meditation classes

Accommodation options (includes breakfast, dinner and yoga class):

  • Your own tent/van: €10 per night (per person)
  • Rented bed with bedding: €30 per night (per person)

If you are not planning to stay but still wish to eat breakfast, dinner or join a yoga class:

  • Meals: €5 per meal
  • Yoga: €5 per person per class

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