Permaculture and Yoga Courses in Portugal

What is Permaculture?

At Keela Yoga Farm we will build, farm and live based on Permaculture ethics and principles. These are taken from the most sustainable and efficient ancient practices around the world but applied with modern technologies. These principles will ensure we use the minimal amount of energy input to get the most amount of output most sustainably. We will use these principles when designing the layout of Keela Yoga Farm so that we can transition to a sustainable future; to do this we will need to consider values and concepts outside the current social norm.

Our herb spiral at Keela Yoga Farm
Our herb spiral at Keela Yoga Farm

Permaculture Internships

Join our Permaculture internship and experience everything that happens on a permaculture farm. Live off-grid with a community, eat healthy food while in nature and enjoy optional yoga classes.

This is suitable for a complete beginner with no experience or an experienced permaculturist, gardener or natural builder.

You will gain experience growing vegetables, building with sustainable materials, homesteading, animal husbandry and agroforestry (forests and silvopasture)

Permaculture Ethics & Principles

Permaculture Ethics and Principles

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