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Keela Yoga Farm, a Permaculture Portugal project, we build, farm and live based on Permaculture ethics and principles. These are taken from the most sustainable and efficient ancient practices worldwide but applied with modern technologies. These principles will ensure we use the minimal amount of energy input to get the most amount of output sustainably. We used these principles when designing the layout of Keela Yoga Farm so that we can transition to a sustainable future; to do this, we will need to consider values and concepts outside the current social norm.

Join us for a Permaculture Design Course, Natural building or Food Forest course. Or come to a yoga retreat with Permaculture.

Permaculture Ethics & Principles

Permaculture Portugal - Permaculture Ethics and Principles

Laurence Manchee – Permaculture Portugal teacher & consultant

permaculture portugal
Kimberly & Laurence putting their sheep away

The lead Permaculture teacher and co-founder of Keela Yoga Farm. He is on the board of the WOOF Portugal Association, an author in Permaculture Magzine and co-teaches Permaculture Design courses. Laurence has built many Natural Building houses and permaculture systems and manages an 18-hectare reforestation and agroforestry project with animals integrated, including Sheep, Pigs and Chickens.

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Permaculture courses at Keela Yoga Farm

Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture Design Course

Keela Yoga Farm runs extended PDCs, so students have more time for the practical side of permaculture work on a farm.

Food Forest and Agroforestry Courses

Food Forest Course

Natural Building Courses

Natural Building Course

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