4 week Permaculture Design Course – PDC Portugal

Event Details

This event finished on 22 March 2022

A Permaculture Design course in Central Portugal with more time for the practical elements of permaculture. You will cover the standard 72 hour PDC syllabus, receive a PDC certificate and get hands-on experience in all elements of permaculture. Click here for our latest Permaculture Design Course

You will experience living off-grid in a community setting. You will see a working permaculture farm with food forests, agroforest, many working examples of permaculture systems, sheep, pigs, chickens and enjoy yoga and meditation classes.

What is included in this PDC?

  • The standard 72 hour PDC syllabus and you will receive a PDC certificate
  • Theory class every day
  • Practical work every day. this PDC is 4 weeks long so you get to put all the theories into practice
  • Homesteading workshops: Soapmaking, Fermenting foods, healthy cooking
  • Offgrid living workshops
  • Events with the local community and eco markets
  • 3 healthy organic meals per day – a chef cooks the lunches. Students cook dinner and breakfast on rotation in pairs
  • Yoga classes
  • A trip to another farm for a help day
  • Weekends off to enjoy the farm, visit other off-grid farms or join local activities

Watch a video of a one-month permaculture internship from Keela Yoga Farm

Permaculture Design Course day by day outline

Each morning is theory followed by practical for the rest of the day. Usually about 1-hour classroom theory each morning and one hor theory in the field The rest of the time you will get your hands dirty

  1. Arrival day. Welcome meeting and dinner
  2. Keela Permaculture Farm Tour, off-grid living induction, daily farm tasks allocation and plan for the month
  3. Permaculture History, Ethics & Principles. Permaculture design principles. Introducing individual projects
  4. Designing a garden. Planting and working in the vegetable kitchen garden
  5. Off-grid event with local homesteaders
  6. Day off to enjoy the farm and self-study
  7. Soil and organic fertilising. Building compost piles, vermicomposting and making organic fertilisers
  8. Plant propagation, cuttings, grafting, seeds, layering and division.
  9. Appropriate Technology. Solar, Irrigation, Automation
  10. Measuring, drawing and designing a homestead or farm
  11. Sustainable building design and Natural Building
  12. Day off or community day at another farm
  13. Day off
  14. Naural Building
  15. Earthworks. Swales, Ponds and Roads
  16. Homesteading: Soapmaking, fermenting foods and preserving food
  17. Managing the vegetable gardens and vegetable production
  18. Managing forests
  19. Day off or community day at another farm
  20. Day off
  21. Pig Silvopasture. Working in the cork and pig silvopasture
  22. Chicken systems. Working in the chicken compost system and chicken food forest
  23. Sheep and fruit tree agroforestry: Designing and planting an agroforest
  24. Presentations of designs, receipt of certificates and pizza party in the stone pizza oven
  25. Departure

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