Automated Irrigation Demo – Drip, sprinkler for fields, pots or greenhouses.

Event Details

As per requests of so many people. Join us at Keela Yoga Farm for an irrigation demo. Laurence is keen to find ways to automate irrigation so he can be free during the summer months during those hot days. So if you are wondering which automated irrigation system to go with, this workshop will give you some ideas and save you a lot of money.

What is covered

  1. A Theory class

  2. Demos on various systems. See all our different sets ups and learn the pros and cons of the different systems
    1. Our automated, mobile phone-controlled large-scale irrigation
    2. Small battery-operated irrigation – 2 types
    3. Gravity fed irrigation
    4. Sprinklers
    5. Different types of drip and micro drip irrigation
    6. Basic irrigation plumbing
    7. Flood irrigation