Native Trees in Portugal

This is a collection of information I have found online and from speaking to the locals in our village. This information is to help us with our planning of where to plant certain trees on our land. This page is dedicated to Native Portugal Trees that can be planted without the need for an irrigation system. This is because we have an area far from zone zero that we want to reforest with a variety of native trees as part of our carbon offsetting program. Many species of trees have been introduced to the country over time, so when I say native, what I mean are trees that generally grow well here, specifically near Fundao in Portugal.

Information below includes the English, Latin and Portuguese names, when to collect the seeds and other important information such as the stratification period and yields. Please do add any info the comments if you can help us at all.

Stone Pine (Pinus pinea, Pinheiro Manso) – Thick, dense green tree


  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds 
  • Collect seeds from within the tree from January to March
  • They have pine nuts: Pinhões
  • They increase fertility of soils around the tree

Maritime Pine  (Pinus pinaster / Pinheiro-bravo )


  • (Lighter tree but much taller and great for timber)
  • Collect seeds in Jan-May

Cork oak tree (Quercus suber/ Sobreiro) 


  • Collect seeds in nov-dec from in the soil
  • very slow growing but ever green and not so tall

Holm Oak (Quercus rotundifolia / Azinheira)


  • Collect seeds in november from the soil

Mediterraniean Cypress (Cupresssus Semprevirens / Cipresetes Mediterranicos)


  • Collect seeds in October to November (get them from within in the tree)

Cedar (Cebrus Attantica / Cedro)



  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest seeds for these trees from
  • Collect seeds from Sept to Oct (get the seeds from in the tree)

Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo, medronheiro)



  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds from
  • Harvest between September ad november from the tree
  • Produces a fruit
  • 8 weeks stratification

Pyrenean oak (Quercus pyrenaica, Carvalho-negral)


  • Collect seeds october to november from the ground
  • I think think this is they type of oak i see all round here

Common Alder (Alnus glutinosa, Amieiro)


  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds from
  • Collect seeds in december to janurary from the tree

Ash tree (Fraxinus- Angustifolia, Freixo-nacional)



  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds from
  • Harvest seeds in the in November
  • need 8 weed stratification
  • Pioneer nitrogen fixer

Hazel (Corylus, Aveleira)



  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds from or cuttings
  • collect seeds in the soil in august to september
  • Produces hazel nuts ( Avela)
  • Requires 12 weeds stratification in cold

Olive tree/Wild Olive Tree (Olea europaea L/Olea europaea sylvestris, Oliveira/Zambujeiro aka Oliveira Brava)


  • Collect seeds in November
  • Stratify for 8 weeks in the cold
  • Produces olives

White Willow (Salix alba, Salgueiro Branco)

White Willow Tree

  • Growing wild near water


What other nut, nice or useful trees can I propagate and plant without needing irrigation?

  • Growntrees from seed – UK Forestry Commision
  • Martin Crawford book on food forests
  • Friends in the Village!
  • google 😉