The Plan

Laurence and Kimberly have recently bought a magical plot of land in Central Portugal where they will start a small eco-yoga community. They will host permaculture design courses, natural building courses and yoga retreats while integrating into the local community. Keela Yoga Farm will be involved in reforestation by planting thousands of trees in a food forest system.

Observation and Permaculture Design Phase: Jan 2017 – March 2017

Laurence and Kimberly will stay in temporary accommodation while they prepare the land for living. They are looking for a group of volunteers to start on 17th Jan to assist with starting Keela Yoga Farm. This is a free yoga retreat and permaculture in practice course for you and a great help for them.

  • Permaculture design assessment and plan – Plan how the land, farm and buildings will be set up for maximum efficiency
  • Utilities installation – Solar panels, compost toilets, well
  • Basic shelters and platforms for eating, yoga and planning
  • Earthworks – Dig out water features, foundations, paths and lay pipes
  • Plant appropriate trees and plants
  • Volunteers wanted
looking for land
Laurence looking at Land in Portugal in 2014

Phase 2: Natural Building and Permaculture Implementation. April 2017 – Nov 2017

During the summer whilst enjoying daily yoga, meditation and healthy food we will be running natural building and permaculture in practice courses. These will include:

  • Building an iconic yoga Shala, eco accommodation, a sustainable kitchen, greenhouse, nursery and animal houses
  • Water harvesting, storage, solar heating, grey water systems
  • Restore woodland, plant a food forest
  • Designing and building a rocket stove, creating animal systems, building compost toilets and other sustainable DIY systems
  • Volunteers wanted
Photo of Laurence at Rainbow City, Portugal in 2014
Laurence at Merkaba, Portugal in 2014

Phase 4: Yoga Retreats, Teacher Training and Permaculture courses. March 2018 onwards

  • Host yoga retreats
  • Restore woodland
  • Increase productivity of permaculture farm
  • Volunteer or host a retreat
Laurence and Kimberly training at H20 Yoga in Indonesia

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