Natural Plastering Weekend 1st – 2nd September 2018

Weather you have a strawbale house, stone house, wattle and daub structure or wooden building you can then render the  building with earth from your land. This provides a nice weather proof finish that is cheap and natural

Learn how to:

Building with mud workshop with Laurence
Building with mud workshop at Keela Yoga Farm in 2017

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A natural plastering workshop taught by Barbara Leite from the Mount of Oaks Community. Hosted at Keela Yoga Permaculture Farm near Fundao.

Want to insulate your stone house by plastering it with lime or earth? Want to make a natural building and plaster it with natural materials instead of having to pay a builder to come and plaster it with cement?
Need practice plastering somewhere before you try it in your home?

EUR 30 One day workshop with lunch and Yoga
EUR 50 Two day workshop with lunch and Yoga
EUR 10 per night stay with dinner and breakfast (own tent or camper)
EUR 10 per night for accommodation (Tipi, caravan or converted container depending on availability)

What is included:
– Learn about different natural materials for plastering including clay and lime
– Learn about the many types of Lime available in the market and what will suit you better
– Learn how to prepare materials for plastering
– Learn how to use different plastering tools
– Practice first, second and final layers
– Prepare and use Lime wash with natural pigments
– Practice and learn how to plaster onto different walls: strawbale, stone, brick and wattle and Daub.
– A healthy vegetarian lunch and snacks accommodating to all food requirements
– Tour of our permaculture farm
– A daily Yoga class

If you live locally, you are welcome to join us in the morning, otherwise you are welcome to arrive the night before and leave the morning after, subject to the above extra costs.

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natural plastering
Earth plaster with a final lime render followed by natural pigment on a natural building course with Barbra at Keela Yoga Farm

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