Native Trees in Portugal

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Stone Pine (Pinus pinea, Pinheiro Manso) – Thick, dense green tree


  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds 
  • Collect seeds from within the tree from January to March
  • They have pine nuts: Pinhões
  • They increase fertility of soils around the tree

Maritime Pine  (Pinus pinaster / Pinheiro-bravo )


  • (Lighter tree but much taller and great for timber)
  • Collect seeds in Jan-May

Cork oak tree (Quercus suber/ Sobreiro) 


  • Collect seeds in nov-dec from in the soil
  • very slow growing but ever green and not so tall

Holm Oak (Quercus rotundifolia / Azinheira)


  • Collect seeds in november from the soil

Mediterraniean Cypress (Cupresssus Semprevirens / Cipresetes Mediterranicos)


  • Collect seeds in October to November (get them from within in the tree)

Cedar (Cebrus Attantica / Cedro)



  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest seeds for these trees from
  • Collect seeds from Sept to Oct (get the seeds from in the tree)

Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo, medronheiro)



  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds from
  • Harvest between September ad november from the tree
  • Produces a fruit
  • 8 weeks stratification

Pyrenean oak (Quercus pyrenaica, Carvalho-negral)


  • Collect seeds october to november from the ground
  • I think think this is they type of oak i see all round here

Common Alder (Alnus glutinosa, Amieiro)


  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds from
  • Collect seeds in december to janurary from the tree

Ash tree (Fraxinus- Angustifolia, Freixo-nacional)



  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds from
  • Harvest seeds in the in November
  • need 8 weed stratification
  • Pioneer nitrogen fixer

Hazel (Corylus, Aveleira)



  • I am looking for somewhere to harvest these seeds from or cuttings
  • collect seeds in the soil in august to september
  • Produces hazel nuts ( Avela)
  • Requires 12 weeds stratification in cold

Olive tree/Wild Olive Tree (Olea europaea L/Olea europaea sylvestris, Oliveira/Zambujeiro aka Oliveira Brava)


  • Collect seeds in November
  • Stratify for 8 weeks in the cold
  • Produces olives

White Willow (Salix alba, Salgueiro Branco)

White Willow Tree

  • Growing wild near water


What other nut, nice or useful trees can I propagate and plant without needing irrigation?

  • Growntrees from seed – UK Forestry Commision
  • Martin Crawford book on food forests
  • Friends in the Village!
  • google 😉