Lemon Tree Guild

This page is dedicated to our Lemon tree (Lunario Citrus tree) guild in our Food Forest. this outlines the polyculture of companion pants around the Lemon Tree.

Tree bought from a local Market and Planted in our Terrace one Food Forest (olive grove conversion into a Food Forest) March 2018.

Lemon Tree Guild
A Lemon tree Guild planted by Hazel on our March 2018 Food Forest Course

Lemon tree companion Plants

Blueberries (Shrub) and strawberries (ground cover)- also prefers slightly acidic soil.

Various herbs and flowers to attract beneficial insects and repel pests: Mint, borage, Parsley, Thyme, , Anis Hysop, redwood sorel, Calendula.

Clover and peas as a ground cover to fix nitrogen and take the space as the herbs and strawberries establish.

Bulbs: garlic to repel pests.

Planted Near:

Sea Buckthorn nitrogen fixing shrub, ground nut (Nitrogen fixing) climbing up strawberry guava, goji Berry.

Photos to follow: