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Leading to the Foundation Certificate in Applied Permaculture Design.

Advanced Permaculture Design Course

A new residential permaculture design and sustainable smallholding training. Leading to the Foundation Certificate in Applied Permaculture Design, certified by the Permaculture Association (Britain). This course is especially suitable for smallholders working towards sustainable and regenerative management or people looking to access land or become a permaculture design consultant. It leads to a quality-assessed, internationally recognised qualification in permaculture design, valuable both on a standalone basis or as a first step towards the full Permaculture Diploma.

Homesteading and Advanced Permaculture Design

Participants who successfully complete two assessed designs will be awarded the Foundation Certificate in Applied Permaculture Design, a new post-PDC qualification awarded by the Permaculture Association of Britain within its internationally recognised diploma training programme. You’ll also be able to move on to training for the full diploma, with us or with a different tutor, and apply to join our ongoing diploma training programme for permaculture design consultants.

Attendance is open to anyone who has already completed their PDC, at Keela or elsewhere. 

Permaculture Design Course Portugal

Who is this course for?

You want to take the next step on your permaculture learning journey

You are looking for land, or already have land, and are dreaming of creating your own permaculture smallholding

You want to strengthen your repertoire of practical skills in sustainable land management

You are interested in the Permaculture Diploma but not yet sure if you can commit to the full training

You have already decided to take the diploma, or perhaps already started, and want to get yourself off to a flying start

You are interested in training as a design consultant, in order to help others realise their permaculture dreaming

You want to deepen your understanding of permaculture and skill in permaculture design

You are currently doing a diploma and wish to complete one of your designs with us

Combine with our PDC

For those who have not completed a PDC, join the PDC course that takes place dfirectly before it and do both courses combined for a €100 discount. You can also join us for a PDC course at othere times of the year

The PDC course is two weeks and cost €700. The advanced permaculture design course is €400 and you get €100 discount if you take both courses.

Spring 2024 PDC

14th April 2024 - followed by a foundation in permaculture course

Summer 2024 PDC

16th June – followed by optional Natural Building course

15th September 2024 – followed by optional Food Forest course

This course is certified by the Permaculture Association UK

Video from our Summer 2023 PDC

Permaculture Design Course Portugal

Your Permaculture Design Course hosts and Teachers

Tom Henfrey

Certified Diploma Tutor

Tom is a co-teacher at Keela Yoga Farm’s Permaculture Design Courses. He is the only certified Permaculture Diploma tutor in Portugal. He is an author of various permaculture and ecology books and has 20 years of experience in Permaculture and Ecology. Tom co-leads the Diploma course at Keela Yoga Farm and guest teaches at some of our PDC courses. Visit his profile

Laurence Manchee

PDC Teacher

Co-founder of Keela Yoga Farm. Laurence is certified by the Permaculture Association to teach certified PDCs. He is a speaker at agriculture fairs, an author in Permaculture Magazine and leads Agroforestry, Permaculture Design and Natural Building Courses.

Yoga Teacher

Kimberly Manchee is the co-founder of Keela Yoga Farm. She is the farm and kitchen manager and resident Yoga teacher. Kimberly teaches workshops on food fermentation and preserving, connects the garden to the kitchen and teaches yoga classes as well as social permaculture. Visit her profile here

Guest Teacher


Interns & Volunteers & Staff

Keela Permaculture Farm Interns & Volunteers & Staff

  • Interns will also assist with running the course. Interns usually are past guests of Keela Yoga Farm and would like to progress into either becoming a Permaculture teacher, staff member or opening their permaculture farm or homestead.
  • Four volunteers will also assist with the farm work, cooking, hosting and cleaning. 
  • A professional chef will cook your meals
permaculture design course portugal

What to expect?

  • Daily classes on permaculture design theory and technique
  • Individual and group work sessions for independent work on your designs, with support available from a tutor
  • Daily demonstration and/or practical sessions with the working systems at Keela Permaculture Farm
  • Individual and/or group tutorials during the week
  • Three yoga classes during the week
  • Three organic meals per day, including freshly-harvested organic farm produce
  • Individual follow-up tutorials to support completion of your designs 

What our past students have say

Google and Facebook Reviews

Course Costs

  • €400 residential (includes 3 meals and yoga)
  • €300 non residential (includes lunch only)
Accomodation Options
  • Free – your tent or caravan
  • €150 per caravan rental (with bedding)
  • €100 per person for Tent or Tip rental (with bedding)

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Interns & Volunteers & Staff

What is included

  • 2 Permaculture Design theory classes per day
  • 2 Design sessions per day to get your project completed with assistance from your to help with your designs
  • Group design work on eachothers designs
  • 1 Practical, demo or tour of permaculture related activities at Keela Permaculture Farm per day
  • Practical workshops will include fruit tree pruning, grafting, market gardening and advanced compost worm farming
  • 3 yoga classes through the week
  • 3 organic meals per day, freshly harvested from the farm
  • Post course feedback on designs if not completed during the course


Ticket Price Quantity
Deposit €100.00 Sold out
Caravan €150.00 Sold out
Own tent €0.00 Sold out
Own Caravan €0.00 Sold out
Non residential €0.00 Sold out
Tree to offset your carbon (you will plant it) €20.00 Sold out

Please let us know of any food restrictions or allergies that you have

What do you want to get out of this experience?

How did you hear about us

Foundation Diploma in Permaculture

The new Foundation Certificate in Applied Permaculture Design is an ideal next step in your permaculture training following a PDC. Issued by the Permaculture Association of Britain as part of their internationally recognised Permaculture Diploma programme, it can be taken either on a standalone basis or as a stepping stone towards the full diploma. The Foundation Certificate involves completing two original designs of your own choosing, assessed by a registered diploma tutor.

This new residential training supports this through classes in design theory and technique, direct guidance and feedback on your designs from diploma tutor Tom Henfrey, peer support from other design apprentices attending the course, and remote follow-up tutorials for completion and final assessment of your designs, along with immersion in community life at a working permaculture farm. 

Once you have completed your Foundation Certificate, you have the option of continuing to the Diploma in Advanced Permaculture Design. This requires presentation of a further eight assessed designs, normally over the course of around two years of self-directed work and with the support of any available tutor of your choice. To request more information on the Foundation Certificate and Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with us (Both certified by the Permaculture Association) please fill this form to request more info:

Permaculture Design Course Portugal

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Food Forest Course

Event Details Date: October 1, 2024 5:00 pm – 6, 2024 11:00 am Categories: Permaculture This is just the booking page; book this course below.

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