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Our compost worms are critical to our organic gardens, they are a must for any organic gardener. They not only reduce waste by eating your left overs but create a liquid fertiliser for the garden, compost and more worms.. We sell composting worms every few months at our worm composting workshops at our Farm near Fundao in Portugal

Next vermiculite workshops: 

Spring: Friday 22nd March 2019 (Start time 10am)

Summer: Friday 20th July 2019 (Start time 10am)

Autumn: Friday 10th October 2019 (Start time 10am)

Winter: Friday 13th December 2019 (Start time 10am)

compoting worms

Photo from last Workshop, photo by Mike Levemore

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€30 workshop with worms to take home
€10 just the workshop without worms
€5 Vegetarian lunch after the workshop
€10 overnight stay with breakfast and dinner (own tent or camper)
€10 rental of bed in available accommodation (caravan, tipi, tent or converted container)

What is included:
– €30 worth of composting worms
– Make your own worm bin and take it home
– See different worm farm systems
– Learn how to look after worms and increase their numbers quickly
– Learn how to make compost teas

What will your worms give you from your worm farm?

Liquid fertiliser: This is called worm extract. It is a liquid that is produced in your worm farm and is high in nutrients. It contains microbial life and is great to put on plant leaves and into soil as an organic fertiliser. We will also show you how to make compost teas with this liquid.

Compost: This is called worm castings. This is what all your waste from the worm farm will turn into. It is too rich to grow food directly in, but you can mix it into potting soil and into the garden as a fertiliser. It will also be high in microbial life, worm eggs and worms. The more life in your soil the better.

Worms: You can put them into the garden, feed them to chickens or use them for fishing or pass them on to another gardener!

Laurence Manchee will be your guide. He started keeping worms in his kitchen in a high rise apartment block in Singapore to reduce his waste and as a byproduct, all of his vegetables grew even better from the extra fertiliser. Now Laurence keeps worms at Keela Yoga Farm and wants you to keep worms as well and he will help you to be successful so you can improve your soils and vegetable yield.

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