Natural Building Courses with Yoga in Portugal

Next course dates:

  •  4-11 August 2018 : Introduction to Natural Building (arrive the night before and leave the morning after)
  •  1st  and 2nd September 2018: Natural Plastering Weekend Workshop
  • Options to stay on and volunteer after the course commences to put your new skills into practice

This course will be run by experienced teacher and natural builder Barbara Leite from the Mount of Oaks community with a maximum of 8 students.

Language: English and Portuguese

Video by Mount of Oaks
500EUR – 8 day Natural Building course including camping (in your own tent or van), 3 delicious vegetarian meals daily (seasonal and locally sourced) and daily yoga and meditation
450EUR – 3 EARLY BIRD places for the first 3 people to register
Caravans, tents and tepees are also available for hire. Click for accommodation
Please complete the application form to book.
natural building course portugal
The course at Keela Yoga Farm in 2017 posting in front of their work

During 2018, Keela Yoga Farm are constructing a new community building using a variety of different techniques. This building will be used for education purposes over four natural building courses in 2018.

The courses are designed as an introduction to natural building. Participants have the opportunity to learn and experiment with a variety of different building techniques which will then be used in a practical setting on a real building.

There is a progression in the teaching and practical methods that allows participants to grow in confidence as the course continues. This course is designed with the ‘non-professional’ builder in mind and is aimed as an introduction course.

An introduction to natural building will be facilitated by Barbara Leite; a pioneer of the Mount of Oaks community since 2006 (another community local to us). She has over 9 years experience in Permaculture Design and Natural Building, with all the mistakes and successes that go with starting from scratch!

All courses will be held at the off-grid permaculture community Keela Yoga Farm, in Central Portugal. Course participants will have the opportunity to practice daily yoga, meditation and evening workshops permaculture workshops by Laurence Manchee. A day trip to visit some natural buildings at Mount of Oaks community is also included on the day off.

Come and learn about:
Gravel Foundation, french drainage and stem wall with gravel bags

Strawbale walls

Adobe bricks and light earth slabs

Wattle and daub walls

Cob with glass bottles and cordwood

Earth and lime plasters

Lime-wash painting with natural pigments

What can you expect from this course? 

  • The course will consist of daily theory classes with introductions to all of the aforementioned building techniques using local and natural materials (A complete PDF manual will be provided at the time of registration). However, this is predominantly a hands on learning course and it will mostly be practical in order for participants to really get a feel for each material and technique.
  • Participants will gain the ability and skills to design and build their own small natural build.
  • Three meals a day including tea, coffee and snack breaks.
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • On the day-off, an optional day trip to the Mount of Oaks community will be included in order to see some of their existing natural buildings, have a tour and lunch for an extra cost of 15€/person.

There is no need for any previous experience as a builder, an engineer or an architect. (If you do have previous experience, please come with patience because there might be others who don’t).

We expect to learn with each other and have a unique experience of life within a community setting. During the course we will work together, eat together.

This course is limited to a maximum of 8 students in order for participants to have maximum practical experience throughout the week.

Course participants will learn a lot of different building techniques, and if you wish to put these into practice and perfect your skills further, you can contact us about staying on after the course as a volunteer.

Please complete the application form to book